Glasgow Building News 2024
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Glasgow Building News 2024, Strathclyde

2 March 2024
Scottish Buildings – RAAC Found

Reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) was found to be in about 500 homes in the Balnagask area of Torry, south Aberdeen, reports the BBC.

Aberdeen City Council said it would support its tenants and engage with owners and privately rented tenants to keep them informed.

The Scottish government has said it will continue to keep in close contact with the local council to ensure those affected receive the appropriate support.

RAAC is a cheap version of concrete that was used mostly in construction between the 1950s and 1990s.

It has a lifespan of about 30 years and concerns have mounted about the impact of water ingress on its safety.

RAAC found in Balnagask, Torry, Aberdeen

Glasgow Building News February 2024

27 February 2024
Scottish Housing crisis set to deepen even further

Today’s passing of the Scottish Budget 2024 – 2025 at Holyrood will perpetuate housing inequality across the country and limit the number of new homes coming forward across all tenures, says sector body Homes for Scotland (HFS).

– see Edinburgh Building News for 2024

26 February 2024
Open Letter Urges First Minister To Think Again About Housing And Planning Budget Cuts

Worst possible decision at worst possible time

26th of February 2024 – An open letter in today’s Daily Record is urging the First Minister to think again about the cuts being proposed to the 2024-25 budgets for housing and planning.

The call comes the day before the Scottish Parliament votes on the draft Scottish Budget for the year ahead and follows the findings of independent research showing that 693,000 Scottish households are facing some form of housing need. It also comes in the context of three Local Authorities having already declared housing emergencies and others considering similar action.

The letter has been signed by housing organisations Homes for Scotland (HFS), the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA) and the Chartered Institute for Housing together with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

SFHA Chief Executive Sally Thomas said:

“Parliament will tomorrow decide whether to approve the Scottish Government’s budget – a budget that proposes to slash the money available to build social homes by more than a quarter.

“Almost one in twenty people in Scotland are on a waiting list for a social home, 30,000 are homeless and nearly 10,000 children are growing up in temporary accommodation. We just aren’t building the homes that Scotland needs.

“The budget proposals represent the worst possible decision at the worst possible time and are a hammer-blow to the First Minister’s priority of reducing poverty.”

HFS Chief Executive Jane Wood said:

“At a time when 693,000 Scottish households are facing some form of housing need, all the data shows that the chronic undersupply of housing in Scotland is intensifying. This not only threatens the country’s social wellbeing by perpetuating housing inequality but also risks its economic success and the transition to net zero.

“As we consistently highlight, private and affordable housing delivery are interconnected. With 30 per cent of affordable housing generated by the private sector through developer contributions, the more homes for sale that can be built, the more affordable homes will be delivered as a result. Given the planning system is already on its knees, the 43 per cent funding reduction being proposed will serve only to increase delay and cost, and do nothing to encourage crucial private sector investment.

“We hope that the First Minister will think again about his government’s proposals and that all MSPs will carefully consider the housing needs of their constituents as they vote tomorrow.”

CIH Scotland National Director Callum Chomczuk said:

“Scotland is in the midst of a housing crisis, with three local authorities already declaring housing emergencies and up to a dozen more on the brink of doing so.

“We all know what the problem is, a failure to build enough affordable homes, and yet the most recent budget exacerbates the crisis by taking almost £200m out of the housing supply budget. But it is not too late to make changes.

“Even at this late stage, the Scottish Government can restore the budget and work with the sector on developing a response to deal with the housing emergency. We hope they take the chance to make addressing Scotland’s housing crisis a political priority.”

Chris Birt, Associate Director for Scotland at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, said:

“There is still time for the First Minister to do the right thing and reverse this massive cut to the affordable housing supply budget. To fail to do so would be baffling in the face of spiralling homelessness and use of temporary accommodation, never mind the Scottish Government’s stated commitment to poverty reduction. Low-income tenants will face increasing rents and insecurity as the supply of affordable housing stalls. As a result of this cut to housing, this budget risks being a poverty causing budget rather than a poverty solving budget, and in the face of looming child poverty reduction targets is difficult to understand and even harder to defend.”

21 February 2024
Scottish Historic Buildings Trust appoints new Director

21st February 2024 – Scottish Historic Buildings Trust, the charity dedicated to regenerating significant historic buildings across Scotland, has appointed Dr Samuel Gallacher as Director.

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16 February 2024

River View Luxury Lodges

Work starts on idyllic River View Luxury Lodges on the Clyde at Langbank.

High-end lodges will open this summer.

An exciting, new holiday resort destination just 25 minutes from Glasgow city centre is set to open this summer as 18 luxury lodges, available for rental all year round, get under construction on the picturesque banks of the Clyde.

The £2.5m investment project is being undertaken by River View Luxury Lodges, whose site is located by the end of the M8 at West Ferry, Langbank, Renfrewshire. Ground has been broken this week and the owners expect to welcome their first visitors this summer when the first tranche of 6 lodges open.

Situated right on the southern edge of the river Clyde, with spectacular outlooks, each lodge will have uninterrupted views of Dumbarton Rock and beyond. Easy access is a key attraction, either from the M8 or Langbank railway station which sits on the Glasgow Central – Gourock line.

Guests will be able to choose from two and three-bed high-end self-catering lodges, complete with jacuzzi, barrel steam room, a full suite of on-demand TV packages and BBQ. In addition there will be a dedicated space for weddings and other events.

Popular local attractions include the Finlaystone Country Estate, with its woodlands, play areas and garden centre, hotel and leisure complex, Gleddoch Golf and Spa Resort, Coast Bar and Restaurant and Ingliston Hotel and Country Club.

River View Luxury Lodges is a venture led by Calum Melville, CEO of Edison Capital, whose operations include East Kilbride-headquartered Principal Building, which will construct and install the lodges.

Mr Melville said: “It has been a long road getting to this point but now that we have all the planning permissions in place, we are looking forward to seeing our vision made a reality.

“The popularity of luxury self-catering lodges in Scotland over the last ten years is well-documented and West Ferry will offer not only a relaxing stay in an idyllic setting but is also readily accessible to a huge swathe of Scotland’s population, being just 10 minutes from the airport and 25 minutes from Glasgow city centre.

“Langbank is a lovely, friendly village with a fine golf course and a hospitality venue that attracts wedding guests and others all year round, so we anticipate that the local economy will be given a welcome economic boost by the River View Luxury Lodges and the steady number of visitors we hope to attract.

“In the wider area there’s something for everyone within a 30-minute drive including prestigious golf courses, fine dining, historical landmarks, and fantastic outdoor activities and scenery.”

14 February 2024

Woeful Scottish Planning Statistics

Woeful planning statistics are unacceptable with average processing times for major housing developments now taking over a year on average .

The number of local housing development applications has also fallen by 18 per cent across the same period, with average processing times for these being 17.8 weeks (more than double the eight week statutory timeframe).

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14 February 2024

Scottish Design Awards 2024 Jury

The Scottish Design Awards 2024 are pleased to present our twin judging panels for our 2024 awards, a handpicked team drawn from across the country with experience ranging from practice to academia and local government.

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Glasgow Building News 2024 – January

12 January 2024
292-298 St Vincent Street Property News
292-298 St Vincent Street Apartments Glasgow Building News 2024
image courtesy of Artisan Real Estate / Homes for Students
Ambitious proposals for high quality student accommodation in the heart of Glasgow city centre have been given the go-ahead by Glasgow City Council. Award-winning developer Artisan Real Estate together with Homes for Students, the UK’s largest independent student management company, will now take forward proposals for 321 self-contained studio apartments at 292-298 St Vincent Street, aimed primarily at the post-graduate and overseas student market:
292-298 St Vincent Street Apartments

8 January 2024
UK Halifax House Price Index
The Halifax December House Price Index – published today – shows Scottish growth of 2.6% in 2023 compared to 1.7% for the UK overall.

Jane Wood, Chief Executive of sector body Homes for Scotland, said, “Today’s report shows Scotland as the second strongest nation or region in the UK with 2.6% growth in the price of the average home.”

– see Edinburgh Building News

2 January 2024
Alan Dunlop Architecture News

The Glasgow School of Art Fire by Scottish architect Alan Dunlop is shortlisted in the hand-drawn category:

Glasgow School of Art Fire by Scottish architect Alan Dunlop

Sir John Soane Museum GSA Architecture Drawing Prize

“An incredibly dramatic watercolour. The most dramatic drawing we’ve ever seen in this competition”

– see Alan Dunlop Architect

More contemporary Glasgow Building News 2024 online soon

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19 December 2023
Builders Shocked At udget Cuts To Housing And Planning

With the Scottish Government today announcing a 43 per cent funding cut for planning and a 33 per cent drop in the More Homes budget, Chief Executive of home building sector body Homes for Scotland Jane Wood comments – see the Edinburgh Building News for more.

13 December 2023
RIBA statement on COP28 outcomes

RIBA President Muyiwa Oki said:
“Today’s historic agreement to deliver a new era of climate action is monumental. It’s the first time that a COP outcome has acknowledged the need to move away from fossil fuels – and this is a truly welcome and positive shift.”

Read more on the website.

13 December 2023
Heat Transition in Scotland

SNIPEF responds to the Scottish Government’s publication of ‘Starting a National Conversation on the Heat Transition in Scotland’

Industry expertise vital in shaping Scotland’s heat transition policy, says SNIPEF Chief Executive

In response to the publication of the Scottish Government’s ‘Starting a National Conversation on the Heat Transition in Scotland,’ Fiona Hodgson, Chief Executive of the Scottish and Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers’ Federation (SNIPEF), said: “We welcome the start of this crucial dialogue by the Scottish Government and particularly applaud the increased commitment to incorporating industry expertise into establishing achievable targets. This represents a significant step forward and, hopefully, addresses the historical issue of setting unrealistic goals without essential input from those with practical experience.

“While we agree that achieving a better balance between political aspirations and public engagement is essential, it is equally vital to recognise the indispensable roles of professions like plumbing and heating. These professions are integral to the design, installation, and maintenance of heat pumps and district heating systems, as well as the decommissioning of fossil fuel boilers.

“Without their insights and the necessary development of professionals, both new and through upskilling the existing workforce, the conversation will achieve little more than hot air.

“We hope this comprehensive and inclusive conversation is a valuable step toward ensuring all stakeholders are actively engaged in the low-carbon transition from fossil fuels. It is a significant stride forward, fittingly coinciding with the COP 28 agreement on the same day.”

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