Doors Open Day Glasgow 2014

Doors Open Day, Glasgow, List, Scottish Architecture Event, Architects, Location Doors Open Day 2014 Glasgow DOD : Access to New + Old Buildings in Strathclyde, western Scotland – Doors Open Days Glasgow 2014 Glasgow begins plans for its 25th annual event – Participants Appeal Glasgow Doors Open Day had another successful year in 2013 with the … Read more

New Urbanism Event, Glasgow Talk: Congress

New Urbanism Glasgow Talk, Scotland, Traditional Architecture Event New Urbanism Event Scotland The Prince’s Foundation / Congress for New Urbanism: Lecture, UK New Urbanism Scotland Glasgow Waterfront – Feedback John Norquist, president of the Congress for New Urbanism, in Glasgow for Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment’s first Scottish public event, said predominance of steel … Read more

Designers Block UK, Dutch Glasgow Lighthouse Event

Designers Block,Scotland, Dutch Showcase in UK, Scottish Design News, Piers Roberts and Rory Dodd Designers Block – Creative Entrepreneurs The Lighthouse Glasgow Event – Forum + Exhibition in Strathclyde, west of Scotland post updated 6 Mar 2021 Designers Block Event The Creative Entrepreneurs Club: Designers Block, Glasgow image : David Churchill Location: Glasgow Herald – … Read more