The Lighthouse Exhibition, Glasgow

The Lighthouse Exhibition, Scotland Architecture Centre, News Exhibition at The Lighthouse in Glasgow Scotland’s National Architecture and Design Centre, UK 22 Jul 2013 Exhibition at The Lighthouse Ice Lab: New Architecture and Science in Antarctica Architecture and Design Scotland, Level 2, The Lighthouse 11 Mitchell Lane, Glasgow BRITISH COUNCIL ANNOUNCES FIRST EVER EXHIBITION OF ANTARCTIC … Read more

St Petersburg Russia Architecture, Architects

St Petersburg Foundation, Anniversary, Russia, Architects, Russian Architecture St Petersburg Architecture Building in Russia : British Government – design by Zoo Architects – St Petersburg Anniversary Zoo Architects are the British Government’s present to St Petersburg St Petersburg Foundation The year 2003 signals the anniversary of the founding of St Petersburg and to commemorate this … Read more

Lighthouse Sust: Sustainable Architecture Scotland

Scottish Sustainable Architecture, Lighthouse, Rotterdam Biennale The Lighthouse : Sustainable Architecture Sust, Scotland – Eco Buildings Strathclyde: Built Environment – The Lighthouse Sust The Re:Motion exhibition, a feature of the programme and launched 17 Jul 2003, is at Loch Lomond Shores until Oct 2003 when it will be moved on to another city. re:motion Sustainable … Read more

Glasgow Events – Strathclyde Talks, Exhibitions

Glasgow Events, Scottish Architecture CPD, Conferences, Strathclyde Lectures Glasgow Events + Talks Strathclyde Architecture Talks & Architectural Exhibitions, west of Scotland Scottish + Glasgow Events Architecture Exhibition Glasgow A+DS at The Lighthouse image : David Churchill All exhibitions are free and will be in The Lighthouse, 11 Mitchell Lane, Glasgow Opening times: Mon, Wed – … Read more