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Mossend Development

Glasgow Buildings for Lanarkshire Housing Association – design by Chris Stewart Architects

Mossend Development

Design: Chris Stewart Architects

Mossend Buildings

This new build development, containing both residential and commercial properties, is to be built on a prominent site forming the gateway into Mossend.

Shops from the nearby shopping centre, awkwardly located in a side street, will be relocated in the new development adjacent to the main shopping street. This will allow the demolition of the existing shopping centre and the construction of family housing.

The building is generally orientated with a public facade to the north and the Main Street and a southern private facade to a new courtyard. The northern facade is treated in a formal manner with smaller windows and super insulated, the southern facade is opened up to maximise solar gain and modeled to allow every residential unit external space.

The roof follows a similar pattern to the facade where communal spaces are shaped to orientate south and clad with photovoltaics. The residential spaces have roofs, which are sloped in the other direction to maximise solar gain.

The roof shapes have informed the built forms, providing a landmark, and reforming the new community square to the East. The new shops located in the community square will help to rejuvenate Mossend.

Mossend Development – Building Information

Client: Lanarkshire Housing Association
Architect: Chris Stewart Architects
Contract Sum: £3.4m
Completion: Dec 2005

Mossend building information from Chris Stewart Architects

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