Affordable bathroom flooring ideas advice, Home bath space style guide, Property washroom interior design tips

Affordable bathroom flooring ideas

11 October 2021

Are you giving your bathroom a makeover? Flooring can get quite expensive really fast, but it’s also one of the main things that transform your bathroom. We all hate having empty pockets so let’s take a look at some budget-friendly flooring options.

Affordable bathroom flooring ideas guide

Affordable bathroom flooring ideas advice guide

Peel and stick vinyl tiles

Peel and stick vinyl tiles are affordable and look luxurious. There are many great design options available including mosaic tile. Pick and steel tiles don’t require a professional fitter. Although, you will need to make special cuts. You can stick the tiles over your old floor too!

Floor paint

One of the easiest and cheapest DIY flooring hacks out of there is floor paint. Floor paint can be used on hardwood, tile, laminate and many more. All you need to do is clean it, paint it then add a topcoat! How easy is that? We recommend using specialist flooring paint, for example, Rust-oleum. It’s a lot more durable than regular paint and provides you with a great finish!

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Afford the look you love with luxury vinyl tiles. LVT planks are water-resistant, scratch-resistant and durable. They come with a unique range of flooring look-a-likes varying from stone, solid wood, slate and many more. They are an affordable alternative to solid wood flooring and a great option for bathrooms.

Porcelain tile and Ceramic

Porcelain tiles and ceramics are ideal for bathrooms that come with high moisture levels. Tiles are waterproof and durable, not to mention, they both come in a range of different textures, styles and colours! Plenty for you to choose from.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a great option if you want to imitate the look of real wood. It comes in a range of different colours and styles ranging from stone, marble, hardwood and many more! Laminate has water-resistant properties which is a great choice of flooring for bathrooms.

We hope these affordable bathroom flooring options have given you some ideas! Comment below, we would love to see what you think!

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