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Different types of showers for your bathroom advice

8 July 2022

When it comes to buying a new shower, there’s a huge variety available. Indeed, it can be overwhelming trying to work out which type of unit would fit your home and budget best. Below, we explore the different types of showers available.

Different types of showers for your bathroom

Electric showers

Electric showers are a shower that comes with their own built-in heating device. The main benefit of this is that it only needs a cold water supply to function and provide you with a hot shower. What’s more, they save energy as they only heat the water required rather than heating up a whole tank. However, if there’s a power cut, you’ll find that you won’t be able to have a shower.

Mixer showers

Mixer showers work similarly to electric showers, but they mix hot and cold water through a shower valve rather than through electrics. This means that they need access to hot and cold water, but they can offer you some elegant, concealed design styles. Plus, the water pressure will be dependent on the pressure in the house. These showers are ideal for those who have a high-pressure hot water supply already in the house. Check out these Shower Panels

Power showers

A power shower utilises a mixer system but has an internal water pump to create a powerful flow from the shower. This is ideal for homes that have low water pressure and need additional help to enjoy a high-pressure shower. A power shower will usually be controlled by a thermostatic system to keep you safe and avoid scalding.

Digital showers

A digital shower is a newer form of shower and features some of the latest technology. They work in a similar way to mixer or power showers, but they come with the added benefit of an information panel that you can control. This allows you to fine-tune the temperature and pressure to your exact liking. A digital shower is perfect for older homes in need of an upgrade: they can be easily fitted into the loft space above your bathroom and can add a touch of convenience and luxury to an old-fashioned home.

Different types of showers to look at for your bathroom summary

Upgrading your shower can give a lift to your bathroom and home more widely. Just follow the guide above and pick out the type of shower that fits your situation best for you and your family.

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