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Tech Used in Horse Racing Competitions

3 May 2024

Tech used in horse racing competitions
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So it’s finally happened. On 13th March, Willie Mullins brought up his Cheltenham century, winning the Champion Bumper to cement his name in Cheltenham Festival history. This was just one of many incredible moments that happened at Cheltenham Festival 2024, and it got us thinking about what it is that has made horse racing even more exciting over the last few years.

In a way, you have to point at the tech. Across the world of sports, new tech has been used to elevate the viewing experience and push athletes to new levels, making sports like horse racing more competitive, invigorating, and enjoyable for the whole audience. So with this in mind, what kind of tech is being used in horse racing competitions and how exactly does it make the sport better?

Prediction Technology

We all know that there’s a big synergy between horse racing and betting. It has been this way for decades now, but with the concept of the online casino taking off in the 00s, betting has been made even more accessible for the masses. With the latest iGaming software, betting on horse racing competitions is convenient, quick, and safer than ever before – to the point where nearly 30% of the global population now bet online. Prediction tech, including AI-powered tools, has also had a big impact, helping bookies to crunch the data and provide the most accurate betting odds.

Training Technology

Speaking of AI-powered tech, we’ve talked before about how AI is changing the world of architecture, but it’s having just as big an impact in sports as well. Right now, AI tech is also being used by trainers in the lead-up to competitions. Once again, with vast amounts of data to be collected, processed, and analysed, AI now helps to streamline the process and provide the most accurate data, including data on racing performance, genetic makeup, and the health of the horses. Through attaining this data, trainers can then focus their efforts during training, ensuring they get the best out of their horses without risking injury.

Timing Technology

When it comes to the competitions themselves, electronic timing systems have replaced manual timing, allowing the race finish times to be far more accurate and reliable. Through using sensors, systems can now measure the time it takes for a horse to finish a race and then display that data in real-time, simultaneously elevating the fan experience as they can follow their horse’s progress more accurately.

Replay Tech

With the audience’s experience in mind, instant video replay is another area of tech which has drastically improved the horse racing sport. In 2024, fans have multiple angles, overhead shots, slow-motion replays, and altogether, a far more comprehensive view of what’s happening on the race course. This is helpful for trainers too, of course. During the race and after, trainers are able to analyse the performance of their horses more closely, helping them to distinguish where things went wrong or where things went right. Through doing this, they can further focus their training sessions and use the tech to improve their skills.

Wearable Tech

When footballers or rugby players step out onto the field, they carry with them trackers that can collect data and analyse their performance. But did you know that horses have wearable tech, too? That’s right, over the last few years, it has become commonplace to include GPS trackers, heart rate monitors, and other senses to analyse the horse’s performance during a race and provide trainers with real-time data. This is not just about their racing performance, either. One of the huge positives of this tech is its ability to spot health problems and other issues that might affect the horse later down the line. By spotting these issues at an early stage, trainers are able to treat the horse and ensure they are fit and healthy before any competition.


This is just a quick round-up of the tech used in horse racing, but there’s more to look into, including track surface technology and the safety equipment used by jockeys. In the future, too, techs like AR, VR, and machine learning are sure to be even more utilised in the sport, ensuring it only gets better and better for viewers and participants alike. But for now, we should all be glad of what tech has done so far to revolutionise horse racing, keeping it one of the most riveting sports in the 21st century!

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