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23 May 2012

What to consider when trying to find a property

There is no question that finding a suitable property, either to rent or to buy, can be a stressful business – what with rising rents coupled with a general recession, but it certainly helps if you have a clear idea of how to go about finding a property and what sort of house or flat you want. There are more options available nowadays for those looking for a house or flat, with the development of successful online property sites such as alongside more traditional options such as estate agents and newspaper adverts, which should help to make it easier to find the property you are looking for.

The first thing you need to consider when you are trying to find a property is exactly what you can afford to pay, either to buy it or to rent it on a month-to-month basis. Furthermore, if you are looking to rent, this does not just mean being able to meet the monthly rent on a property, but also the other bills involved in maintaining it – as well as being able to live comfortably.

This means that you should avoid places that you can only just afford, even if they seem perfect, because if meeting the costs is tight it will only require a slight change in your financial circumstances to leave you in trouble.

Another issue you need to consider is what you are looking for, both in the property itself and in the location of it, as you will need to find out any necessary information of this kind before signing a lease. If you have pets that you want to move into the property with you, you need to be sure that the landlord will permit this and it is also advisable to find out about the levels of crime and noise in any area you are considering buying or renting a property in, as you do not want to be tied to a long lease in an area with major problems of these kinds.

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Hill House
photo © Isabelle Lomholt
Hill House

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