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Mike Stoane Lighting

Scottish Lighting Manufacturer: architectural equipment production in Edinburgh, Scotland

post updated 20 December 2021

Mike Stoane Lighting Scotland



Mike Stoane Lighting Ltd
Mike Stoane Lighting design and manufacture architectural lighting equipment in Edinburgh, Scotland. Mike founded the company in 1995 in his lock up; designing fittings and making them on his lathe.

We have grown quite a bit since then and have been lucky enough to work on prestigious architectural lighting projects world wide, but though the company has got bigger, our fittings haven’t lost their simple aesthetic, solid build quality or attention to detail and we kept our flexible attitude and our belief in local manufacture.

We now have an impressive range of standard products; but at least half of our work is on project specific specials. We have our own workshop for small runs and prototyping and a team of local subcontractors who allow us to be totally flexible and react quickly to design changes.

As the lighting industry undergoes considerable change, driven by environmental concerns and legislation, we’ve been working at the forefront of LED technology to develop products that use the new light sources to their best advantage. We’re committed to looking past the bold claims of the LED manufacturers and only promoting kit which is reliable and fit for purpose.

We are impressed by how far LEDs have come in such a short space of time, but we also understand they are not the best solution to everyone’s problems and we continue to design and build light fittings which use a variety of different light sources.

For more information about Mike Stoane Lighting and for contact details please visit www.mikestoanelighting.com

Mike Stoane Lighting Limited
20 Dryden Road
Bilston Glen Industrial Estate
EH20 9LZ

Contact Mike Stoane Lighting
T +44 (0) 131 440 1313
F +44 (0) 131 440 0049
[email protected]

Mike Stoane Lighting : Recent Products

Surf Type X:
Surf Type X Light

Surf Type S:
Mike Stoane Lighting

Recessed Boxlight:
Recessed Boxlight Light

Mike Stoane Lighting

Mike Stoane Lighting

Garland Integral:
Mike Stoane Lighting

Frog type M:
Mike Stoane Lighting

Mike Stoane Lighting Products

Mike Stoane Lighting

Mike Stoane Lighting
Recessed adjustable downlight lockable for MR16 lamp

Mike Stoane Lighting
Trilamp Colour Change Plate for 3 x MR 16 lamps

Mike Stoane Lighting
Gyro head for use with rod systems, for use with MR16 lamp

2 x 4 Frame for 8 x AR111 lamps

Mike Stoane Lighting
TX4 waveguide luminaire for 2 x 28w T5 fluorescent lamps

TX5 waveguide luminaire for 2 x 54w T5 fluorescent lamps in a wire through linear system

Mike Stoane Lighting – Projects

Mike Stoane Lighting – Update
Recent Scottish Projects:

Vin Caffe (Valvona & Crolla)
Lighting at the Vin Caffe Edinburgh is by Mike Stoane Lighting

V&A and RIBA Architecture Gallery
Lighting at the V&A Architecture Gallery is by Mike Stoane Lighting

Royal Botanic Gardens
Lighting at the Royal Botanic Gardens is by Mike Stoane Lighting

Baxters, Ocean Terminal
Lighting at the Ocean Terminal is by Mike Stoane Lighting

Lomond Shores
Lighting at Lomond Shores is by Mike Stoane Lighting

Glenalmond College Chapel
Lighting at Glenalmond is by Mike Stoane Lighting

Circus Cafe, Edinburgh
Lighting at the Circus Cafe is by Mike Stoane Lighting

Recent Project outwith Scotland:
Copenhagen Opera House

Mike Stoane Lighting – up to 2003

Mike Stoane Lighting
Opal Lounge, Edinburgh

Apex City Quay Hotel, Dundee

Mike Stoane Lighting
British Embassy

Fusion Nightclub, Kirkwall, Orkney

Mike Stoane
Graphics Gallery, Holyrood Palace

Mike Stoane Lighting
Halo Bar, Edinburgh

Contact Details

Mike Stoane Lighting
20 Dryden Road
Bilston Glen Industrial Estate
Loanhead EH20 9LZ
Scotland UK

Phone: +44 (0)131 440 1313
fax: +44 (0)131 440 0049
Email: [email protected]

Website: www.mikestoanelighting.com

Edinburgh Projects with lights by Mike Stoane Lighting

Museum of Scotland

St Giles Cathedral

Scottish Parliament Building

The Hub Edinburgh

Opal Lounge

Queens Gallery

The Tun Edinburgh

Indigo Yard

Mansfield Place Church

MSL Glasgow Projects

Glasgow Projects by Mike Stoane Lighting – selection:

CCA Glasgow

Buchanan Street

Hunterian Museum

Mike Stoane Lighting UK Projects

UK Projects by Mike Stoane Lighting

Apex City Quay Hotel, Dundee

Henley River & Rowing Museum by David Chipperfield

European Projects, ie outside UK by Mike Stoane Lighting

Copenhagen Opera House

Glasgow Transport Museum
Glasgow Transport Museum
picture from architect

Buildings / photos for the Mike Stoane Architecture – MSL at Bilston Glen Industrial Estate page welcome