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Glasgow Necropolis : Scottish City Graveyard

Key Monuments + Architects

post updated 21 December 2021

Necropolis Glasgow

Glasgow Necropolis – John Knox Statue: Doric column

Date built: 1825

Architect: Thomas Hamilton

Glasgow Necropolis

Photographs from 1968 visit by Norwegian architecture student Dag Nilsen:

Glasgow Necropolis Glasgow Necropolis Glasgow Necropolis Glasgow Necropolis
photographs © Dag Nilsen

The Glasgow Necropolis is a Victorian cemetery in Glasgow, Scotland. It is on a low but very prominent hill to the east of Glasgow Cathedral (St. Mungo’s Cathedral). Fifty thousand individuals have been buried here.

Victorian cemetery in Glasgow Victorian cemetery in Strathclyde Victorian cemetery Glasgow Scotland Glasgow Necropolis
photos © Dag Nilsen

Typical for the period, only a small percentage are named on monuments and not every grave has a stone. Approximately 3,500 monuments exist here.

Glasgow Necropolis Glasgow Necropolis Glasgow Necropolis
photos © Dag Nilsen

Predating the cemetery, the statue of John Knox sitting on a column at the top of the hill, dates from 1825. The first burials were in 1832 in the extreme north-east on the lowest ground and were exclusively for Jewish burials.

Alexander Thomson designed a number of its tombs, and John Bryce and David Hamilton designed other architecture for the grounds.

Glasgow Necropolis Photos from 10 Feb 2011

Glasgow Necropolis Necropolis Glasgow
photographs © Adrian Welch

Thomas Hamilton (1784 – 1858) was born in Glasgow. Most of his buildings were located in the Scottish capital. He was based in Edinburgh where he designed many of that city’s prominent buildings.

Thomas Hamilton

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Glasgow Architecture

Major Strathclyde Building Designs – selection:

Glasgow Cathedral
Cathedral Square Glasgow
photo © Adrian Welch

Glasgow Museum of Religion
St Mungo Museum Glasgow
photo © Adrian Welch
Restoration project adjacent to St Mungo’s Cathedral by one of Scotland’s key restoration architects.

Calton New Burial Ground

Another Ancient Scottish graveyard – in the capital:

Calton Old Graveyard

House for an Art Lover
House for an Art Lover
photo © Adrian Welch

Glasgow School of Art
GSA Building
photo © Adrian Welch

Briggait Centre : Nicoll Russell Studios
Briggait Centre Building
photo : Andrew Lee

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