Icon Building Glasgow, Clyde Street Flats: Strathallan

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Icon Building Glasgow, Clyde Street Property Photos, City Centre Residential Design, Strathallan Flats

Icon Building Glasgow Property

New Housing for Strathallan on the River Clyde design by Elder & Cannon Architects

post updated 6 Mar 2021

Date built: 2004

Architect: Elder & Cannon

Location: north bank of Clyde, city centre, near St Enoch Centre

Icon Building Glasgow Property - Strathallan Scotland
Icon Building Glasgow image © Keith Hunter

Icon Building Glasgow

Icon Building – Saltire Awards Information

Thirteen storey icon building for Glasgow developer Strathallan. Typical for Elder & Cannon this building is sculptural and interesting. The side elevations sheath the thin slice of spaces facing south to the Clyde and are generally solidly clad. Currently the building sticks out a bit, but proposals by gm+ad, RMJM and Page Park will help provide a more contemporary and dense urban setting.

The Scottish Design Awards 2004 – the Icon Building was a Best Housing Project nominee

Icon Building Glasgow designers : Elder & Cannon Architects

Architect information
Address: Elder & Cannon, 40 Berkeley St, Glasgow G3 7DW
Phone: 0141 204 1833
The practice of Elder and Cannon was established in 1980. “Its reputation has been built on achieving excellence over a diverse range of building types often in challenging and sensitive contexts.”

Historic Glasgow : best buildings of the past

Glasgow Buildings by Elder & Cannon Architects

Glasgow City Mission
Glasgow City Mission
photo © Andrew Lee

Shettleston Housing Association Offices
Shettleston Housing Association Offices
photo © Andrew Lee

Castlemilk Stables
Castlemilk Stables Glasgow
photo : Keith Hunter

Cart Street housing

Argyle Street Housing
1073 Argyle Street
photo : Keith Hunter

Homes for the Future (south-west building)

St Aloysius Maths Block (Clavius Building)

Icon Building viewed from across the River Clyde:
Icon Building Glasgow flats
residential building in River Clyde context: image © Adrian Welch

Adjacent Proposals to the Icon Building

RMJM’s Custom House Quay

Page + Park Architects’ Dixon Street Tower

Iconic Buildings


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