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How to Design a Home Bar: Everything You Need to Know

18 Jan 2023

How to Design a Home Bar

If you want to add a bar to your basement, this guide can help make the process easier. Here is everything you need to know about how to design a home bar.

Do you like the idea of chilling out with your friends at home but in a setting as nice as a bar or a club? Why spend hundreds of dollars to go out to a club or bar whenever you could have a more comfortable ambiance at home for cheaper? And you don’t have to worry about anyone driving home drunk, as they could all crash in your place.

All you need to do is design a home bar that accommodates all your needs and desires. How do you do that exactly? Well, follow our tips laid out in the article below and you are all set, no matter what pandemic or other circumstance comes your way in the future.

How to Design a Home Bar Guide

Use Any Wasted Space in Your Home

You might not have a big home, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still have a home bar setup. Look through your entire home and seek out any wasted space to make it more functional.

It could be a basement that’s not in use right now or a corner of your living room that’s sitting empty.

Don’t Forget To Add Cabinetry To Store Your Wine and Alcohol

Your wine, beer, and all other alcohol will need to be displayed beautifully so that everyone can appreciate your collection. A tall bar cabinet will do nicely.

Also, add some reclaimed wood pieces in there to give it a more saloon-style look, if that’s what you are going for. Or add metallic pieces to go for a modern minimalist look.

Think About Lighting To Make It Cozy and Warm

Lighting makes the bar, and that will apply to your home bar setup as well. Bar lighting options are as varied as any other lighting out there. So you can have under cabinet lighting, or rope lights tucked under shelves. Whatever you prefer – this is your home bar after all.

Have Bar Essentials on Hand

Complete your home bar checklist by having all the home bar essentials at hand, like some seating for bars, bar tools, a refrigerator, and even a freezer.

Also, think about having some unique ice cube trays to add that additional ambiance to your home bar. Pick unique bar glasses as well to make sure your guests are forever enticed by your home bar and wish to visit again and again.

Design a Home Bar That Fits Your Style and Needs

Try not to get influenced by the latest trends or hype, but choose a home bar setup that fits your unique personality and traits. If you like the idea of having an animation-inspired bar, then go for it!

Design a home bar that’s truly yours, without letting anyone influence you otherwise. Once you are ready to show it off to the world, you can invite friends as well, but not until you are ready for that.

Also, keep reading through other articles on our website to get more inspiration for home design.

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