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Western Scotland Building Photography

2nd of December 2020

Glasgow Buildings Photos in 2020

2 Dec 2020

I am not a huge fan of the new Queen Street Station, it feels too simple and quite harsh against the filigree detail of adjacent buildings:
Glasgow Queen Street Station building facade
photos © Adrian Welch

Queen Street Station Glasgow building facade

Glasgow Queen Street Station building

West Nile Street building facing (East) end of West Regent Street, this is enjoyable, with good balance and decent colours:

West Nile Street building

Greek Thomson building on West Nile Street, sandstone facade in a fairly poor state, one of his smallest and weakest buildings in the city:
Greek Thomson building on West Nile Street

West Nile Street Greek Thomson building Glasgow

St George’s Tron Church steeple, an elegant if slightly weak spire for such a focal point in the city’s grid:
St George's Tron Church steeple

Debenhams store, Argyle Street, a massive brooding mass, ominous skyscape, and economic situation it appears:
Glasgow Debenhams store Argyle Street

7 August 2020

Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow museum

Kelvingrove Art Gallery

20 July 2020

St Columba of Iona RC Church Glasgow building facade
photos © Adrian Welch

St Columba of Iona RC Church, Woodside, Glasgow
Design: Gillespie Kidd & Coia Architects
Date built: 1941
Style: Italian Romanesque

St Columba of Iona RC Church, Woodside, Glasgow St Columba of Iona Roman Catholic Church Glasgow building

12 July 2020

Ruchill Hospital water tower:
Ruchill Hospital water tower Glasgow building

The centrepiece of Ruchill Hospital – an infectious diseases hospital in the Ruchill area – a 165 ft (50 m) water tower.

St John’s Renfield Church, 22 Beaconsfield Rd, Kelvindale, Glasgow G12 0NB:
St John's Renfield Church, 22 Beaconsfield Rd, Kelvindale, Glasgow

The church was designed by architect James Taylor Thomson (1887–1953).

Style: Gothic revival style
Status: Category B listed building
Dates built: 1929 – 1930

9 July 2020

St. Anne (Dennistoun) – Archdiocese of Glasgow, 21 Whitevale St, Glasgow G31 1QW

Category A listed building.

Architect: Jack Coia
Style: Romanesque, Byzantine
Groundbreaking: 1932
Completed: 1933

St. Anne Dennistoun Glasgow RC church

My son and I were kindly shown the interior of this intriguing church, having given some advice on various aspects of building maintenance! The church serves the Polish community in the East End.

St. Anne RC church Dennistoun Glasgow

The architect was Jack Coia, who designed the church in a mixture of Romanesque and Byzantine Revival styles. Coia would design around 30 buildings for the Catholic Church.

St. Anne RC church Dennistoun Glasgow facade

The church takes its cruciform shape from a series of semi-circular reinforced concrete portals converging on a central apex.

St. Anne RC church Dennistoun Glasgow building

Archbishop Mario Conti described St Anne’s as the “Jewel of the Archdiocese”.

St. Anne RC Church Dennistoun Glasgow building interior

To the south, we revisited this interesting cluster of homes:

Graham Square housing designed by various architects – Page & Park Architects ; Richard Murphy Architects ; McKeown Alexander:

Graham Square homes

Graham Square Glasgow housing

Daily Express building:

Daily Express Glasgow building

Strathclyde University tower building:
Strathclyde University tower building

Strathclyde University architecture school:
Strathclyde University architecture school

Glasgow Cathedral building from Necropolis:
Glasgow Cathedral building from Necropolis

Glasgow Cathedral building from south:
Glasgow Cathedral building from south

Necropolis Glasgow monument:
Necropolis Glasgow monument

Whitevale Baths Glasgow east end:
Whitevale Baths Glasgow east end

5 July 2020
Photos taken at 1 Kelvinside Gardens (G20 6BG) in North West Glasgow the 5th of July 2020 by Adrian Welch:

Another visit to St Charles Borromeo Church in North Kelvinside, this time with my architecture student son. The rather austere building dates from 1959/60, using a reinforced concrete skeletal frame.

St Charles Borromeo Church in North Kelvinside gable facade

The main body of the church was formed from seven concrete portals, infilled with red rustic brickwork. It is an interesting design by former Glasgow architects Gillespie Kidd & Coia, but the East gable (pictured) is a little flat, and the ‘bell’ tower with three underslung speakers is too heavy.

The church was closed but post-pandemic it will be good to revisit and enjoy the interior.

Designed by Andy MacMillan and Izzy Metstein of Gillespie Kidd & Coia for a tight, steep hillside site and built 1959-60.

St Charles Borromeo Church Modern Glasgow building

The most notable internal feature is the facetted concrete roof.

The church contains excellent sculptures by Benno Schotz: bronze altar frontal, crucifix and lampholder and twelve terracotta Stations of the Cross based on parishioners and friends of Schotz.

The concrete tower acts as a spire and sits seperately to the north of the church next to the presbytery, a large red sandstone building.

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