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Glasgow East End Design Competition

East End Masterplan Design Contest – Bellgrove Street Development

post updated 25 January 2022

Glasgow East End – Design Contest

Organisers: Glasgow City Council + Scottish Executive

Bellgrove Street Design Contest

Shortlisted architects / developers:-

– Gareth Hoskins Architects with Urban Splash
– make architects with Gladedale
– Elder & Cannon architects with Ogilvie Group
– Page & Park architects with Dawn Group

Location: Bellgrove
Programme: First stage complete mid 2007
Date: Advertised 2006
Fees: Each shortlisted team received £12,500; winner to receive further £10,000

Glasgow Architecture Competitions

Glasgow East End Housing

Graham Square Housing
Graham Square
photo © Adrian Welch
Graham Square Housing
The competition in 1997 called for entrants to explore sustainable, energy-conscious and ecological solutions in providing mixed-tenure housing in houses and flats. This scheme maximizes free energy gain and minimises heat loss through low ‘E’ glass and the use of glazed stair tower buffer zones which collect winter heat and are thermostatically-ventilated in summer.

Moore Street
Moore Street
photo : Andrew Lee
Moore Street Housing
PagePark Architects worked with MPHA to produce the Graham Square housing and streetscaping project, completed in 1999. This is in the east end of Glasgow, just off the Gallowgate. This project was to create a new neighbourhood, with 3 new housing developments, involving 3 architects.

Glasgow East End – Key Building
Celtic Park
Celtic Park
photo © Adrian Welch

Glasgow Architecture Competitions

Key Glaswegian Architecture Competitions – selection below:

Glasgow School of Art Competition
Glasgow School of Art design
picture from architect practice

Glasgow Transport Museum Contest
Glasgow Transport Museum
photo © Adrian Welch

Glasgow Buildings

Glasgow Housing

South Dennistoun Neighbourhood Centre

Glasgow Design Competition Website: