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Glasgow Business Proposal

1. Introduction
2. Business Overview
3. Summary
4. Feedback

“I think contacting you has been the best bit of marketing we have done. So far we have had one article and another about to come out as a direct result from our images on your websites”.
A.D. Scottish Architect

1. Introduction

Edinburgh Contemporary Architecture – run by Adrian Welch & Isabelle Lomholt – own and operate two +

The latter started early 2000; the former in summer 2002.

The websites are maintained on a daily basis.

2. Business Overview

What can the website offer potential sponsors? The Glasgow & Edinburgh sites have a phenomenal amount of traffic!

The cheapest way of gaining a presence is to be listed on the architecture links page or the Glasgow Architects page, both linked off the homepage.

Alternatively, sponsor a page, as a simple live logo link or as a logo linked to your own company profile page.

Simply e-mail your logo and upon payment the link can be up within 24 hours.

info(at) – 07952 149814

This could be a useful way of breaking into, or augmenting presence in, the Scottish market.

3. Summary

The sites’ Tours, News, Events and databases form a key resource and forum for Scottish Architecture and Construction. The traffic growth on the sites is massive and the regular maintenace of the many pages assists this. If interested please contact Adrian Welch or Isabelle Lomholt on 07952 149814 or info(at)

4. Feedback

Strathclyde Architecture Website Comments

Contemporary Glasgow Property Website Comments – selection below:

Typical Comments received:

“ is an exemplary guide”
[Sunday Times]

“I am a private owner of a top flat tenement and want to find out if there are any architects with a particular interest in attic developments. I would need to find someone who was knowledgeable about the pros and cons of this”.
[KR, Edinburgh potential Client]

“’Thanks also for the lead to the restaurant client, he had seen X through the Edinburgh Contemporary Architecture web site. I met him in Edinburgh soon after he had contacted you to discuss a proposed X’.
[SL, Scottish designer]

“Really a very clever concept—- any way it can be extended to other cities?”
[UG, American visitor]

“Exemplary guide to Edinburgh architecture new and old”.
[HP, Major newspaper architecture critic]

“As a resource for those interested in contemporary architecture within Edinburgh, it provides comprehensive information. I found the site to be straightforward and easy to navigate…well done on putting it together!”
[JM Director, major UK furniture supplier]

“Great site by the way”
[MR Local Restaurateur Group Devp. Manager]

“someone commented the other day that it was the best thing she’d read in the List for a long time”
[MF Editor, Edinburgh magazine]

“Thanks for the help your site has given us. We trust you are proposing to spread to other cities? All the best”
[The G Brothers, US visitors]

“for Scottish architecture as an entity the internet remains a cold, barren landscape. There is the odd exception., for example, has quickly established a reputation as an excellent resource for anyone interested in the capital’s contemporary built environment”
[IT Bytes, Prospect magazine, March/April 2002]

“It is a great site…terrific links to local sites…very lively”.
[SL Architectural journalist]

” I and others frequently visit the site, keep up the good work”.
[DA Edinburgh architect]

“Congratulations on the (Big Debate) review – it is extremely useful…Keep up the good work!”
[JP Scottish Architect Registration Body]

“Looks good and works well. Shouldn’t the restaurants and bars be paying you for this service!!”
[AM Edinburgh Life Assurance Senior Devp. Manager]

“Nice website, v. interesting”.
[CS Edinburgh architect & shop-owner]

“Excellent array of information folks. is a very interesting site”.
[J Archiseek member]

“I discovered your site a couple of weeks ago. I’m an Edinburgh resident with a layman’s interest in modern architecture and I really appreciate the excellent info on your site and the way it gives me a window on the local architectural scene…”
[PT local accountant]

“…mentioned on your fabulous site”
[JH Edinburgh architect]

“One day I’ll have a rant about it here, but whatever I say won’t be as intelligent and well-informed as the comments at”
[PT Edinburgh resident/professional]

“Hope things are going well with the website – We all think it is fantastic here!!”
[SM Edinburgh Contemporary Furniture suppliers]

“Visited your site for the first time (though known about it for a while). It looks very good for a ‘part-time’ managed site which augers well for when you can go full time on it”.
[local architect].

“anyone interested in Edinburgh architecture should check out the truly excellent website”
[GH, architect]

“I think your site is super. I wish such a resource excited for journalists. It’s like a bible for architects. Have you any idea on traffic numbers? I can imagine it’s well used by the industry”.
[SH, TV researcher]

“This is the first time I have been able to have a good look at the web page and I think its great.!!!”
[DB Lighting supplier]

“Congratulations on an excellent website”.
[JM, Architect graduate]

“It’s a great site – refer to it regularly to keep up with what’s happening in Edinburgh”
[NFC, local architect]

“good luck with your own business plan, your site is a tremendous source information and enjoyment”.
[AH, furniture maker]

“a fantastic resource”
[RIAS Summer 2002 magazine]

“what a great site you do. I find it constantly useful and stimulating. Well done and best wishes”

‘I just visited your site, and would like to congratulate you on a nice clean, crisp site – it’s very professional….Many thanks.’

‘ps Web Site’s looking good!!’
[AS, Edinburgh architect]

Typical Questions received:

“Hi there Adrian….Do you have any further information on the Scottish Gas HQ on the waterfront? Are there any images on your website – I find your site extremely informative. I am prepared to pay for their usage. Thank you very much”
[JC Edinburgh]

Hi Adrian I’m a fan of your website (always end up coming back to it) and it just occurred to me to ask you the question that leads me to your site….I’m marrying … in December and we’re looking for a very special, atmospheric and preferably modern venue to do this in for 35 people….I just wondered whether you could think of any suitable places from your obviously expansive knowledge of the city. …Any guidance you could offer would be great – many thanks in advance
[PC Edinburgh]

“I have recently moved to Glasgow and am currently looking for new employment.
I qualified last November would appreciate any information you could provide me with that might help me get a job with a good quality firm. Thanks for your help, regards”

“Please can you let us know the plans for redevelopment in the Fort/Shore area as my friend lives in Madirea Street – are plans and models visible? Thanks.”

“Could you please e-mail me the info on the night graveyard walking tour that explained the only documented poltergiest. Thank you.”
[BP Port St. Lucie, Florida]

“I’m looking for information on the architect….”
[AL German publisher]

“As a building contractor in Melbourne Australia, I was searching the web for Architecture in Edinburgh where I will be visiting in June 03. Where / what was “Barry’s” in Queen Street Edinburgh in the 1820′s. “
[PM Melbourne]

“I’m an architecture student and I was wondering if you know of any competitions for architecture/urban planning in scotland – any links would be appreciated as I’d like to enter some to get a feel for this kind of thing early”.
[EH, arch. Student]

“Could you tell me the architect and if possible the date of the properties at the west end of Heriot Place, on the north side”
[JKM local]

Dear Adrian, I’m writing from the – magazine. I’m searching for contemporary glass houses / conservatories to feature in a large feature I’m researching, and would like to include some northern examples of the genre if you think any such buildings exist in the city or environs. I would love to hear from you if so, with any relevant architect practise contact numbers or suggestions to follow up. Many thanks and best regards,
[JD, UK newspaper]

Hi Adrian,
Great site you got going there and i hope you keep it going for a long time. I was also wanting to ask for some information, as i had heard someone mention some sort of highrise development in “beith street”, i have no idea where this is and havent heard it mentioned anywhere and i was just wondering if you had any information on the development
thanks a lot
[PM, local]

Hi there, i was just wondering if you can help me find some info. Theres currently some sort of work going on just off the M8 as you go towards braehead shopping centre. I’ve heard its a hotel and the signs are for a “Dickie Construction” but I cannot find any sort of homepage for them to see any renderings of the final hotel. I was just wondering if u have heard anything about the hotel or would know a webpage for this company.
[JK, Glasgpw]

“i like this site very much, i navigated a lot, but i couldent fined any contemporary archtecture about ship museume debelopment ore maritime, ore shipe methods construction museume.
pleas if you can indicate a site where i can fined some material or links about this architecture. i will be greatfull Thanks.”
[HM, Spain]

“Stopped and had a look at your web sites, very interesting and a good forum for debate. Liked the article on An Turas….Some great images.”

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