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Eligibility Criteria for ECO4 Grants

23 May 2024

ECO4 is the government-backed energy efficiency scheme that has been designed to support households across the country to improve their home’s energy efficiency.

By making small improvements to a home, homeowners, residents and households will notice a positive impact on the energy efficiency of the property, the cost of energy bills and the EPC rating of the property.

These improvements will include implementing measures such as home insulation, boiler upgrades, and improvements to the heating systems. The ECO4 Scheme provides the funding and support to eligible households to implement such measures. However, only certain households will be eligible.

House garden - eligibility criteria for ECO4 Grants

Qualifying for ECO4 funding

In order to qualify for the funding provided by the scheme households must be in receipt of one of the following benefits:

  • Income Support
  • Child Benefit
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Pension Credit
  • Income related ESA
  • Income related JSA
  • Universal Credit

The person in receipt of one or more of these benefits doesn’t have to be the homeowner, just someone living in the property.

Low income households

For those not in receipt of benefits but do not have the budget to implement energy efficient measures alone, the ECO4 Scheme also provides support for low income households.

For those with a household income of below £31,000 per annum, you could still access the scheme via Flexible Eligibility. This allows for local authorities to publish a ‘Statement of Intent’ detailing information about low-income and vulnerable households within their jurisdiction to be eligible for support from the scheme.

What about landlords?

For landlords who own and rent private properties, there is some information to be aware of.

It is only the tenants’ eligibility that will determine whether the property will be considered for ECO4 funding and retrofits. Only certain types of measures will be installed depending on the EPC rating of the building. This is in accordance with the Minimum level of Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) for private rented sector (PRS) properties.

Privately rented properties that are occupied by a resident or residents in receipt of the pre-mentioned benefits or have been declared eligible for the scheme by the local authority, with an initial energy efficiency rating of either E, F, or G will be eligible for ECO4 Scheme measures. However landlords must provide consent in order for the scheme’s supplier to implement and install the measures into the property.

Why apply for the ECO4 Scheme

There are a number of benefits that the ECO4 Scheme offers those eligible households. From improving the energy efficiency of the property to helping cut energy consumption and as a result, energy costs. Households will benefit from lower energy bills, another great way to reduce household outgoings, but also a more comfortable living environment. One which is easier to heat in winter and manage temperatures in summer.

From loft insulation to cavity wall insulation, boiler upgrades and more, there are several measures that can be implemented by the scheme, with the support of obligated suppliers and certified installers. It is important that these installers are registered and verified to undergo the retrofits in an ECO4 eligible property.

The key benefits of the ECO4 Scheme are:

  • Improving your property’s energy efficiency and EPC rating
  • Making the property more comfortable to live in
  • For those eligible the grant will cover the entire cost of installation of energy efficiency measures

To find out if you are eligible you can complete a quick and easy application form with a trusted and certified installer.

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