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Architectural features that can increase the value of your home

28 Apr 2021

Architectural features to increase home value
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Had you ever considered that your home may be more valuable than you realise? Many of us are actually sitting on untold potential which can be translated into equity should we decide to sell. There are several surprising architectural features to keep your eye out for or consider incorporating into your home.

Vault ceilings

High ceilings can increase a house’s value because they make it seem bigger. In addition to this, they help light flow, are cooler in summer months, and allow the installation of large windows. In fact, vault or high ceilings are often cited as a feature that will clinch the deal for many buyers.

Not only do they increase the value of the property but they can make it sell quicker, help increase offers, and even push the price higher as buyers compete. A high ceiling can also increase architectural possibilities for a property and if you work from home, it could increase productivity. Split level rooms or mezzanines can be created and there are more options for lighting and storage.


Original woodwork such as panelling, box ceilings, window frames and bannisters can add significant value to a property. If you have these features already, it’s just a matter of taking care of them. You can lovingly restore them, wax them periodically and protect them to ensure they retain their value.

Alternatively, you can use reclaimed wood to add them to your existing property. Look for bannisters and balustrades, wooden ceiling features, window ledges and frames, doors and frames, and even wooden panelling that can be used on the ceiling or walls.

Large windows

Large windows are a source of natural light and can make the entire house feel bigger, lighter, and more welcoming. Natural light can also reduce the need for artificial lighting which in turn reduces utility bills. If you have a lot of natural light in your home, thanks to large windows, it’s possible that your house is worth a bit more. It is possible to get a rough and instant idea of this by using an online valuation tool. Such tools can also help you get a feel for how your property compares to others in the same area.

If you are thinking of investing in them, it can also be useful to understand what value they can add to the house. Additionally, if you qualify as a “green home” that doesn’t use a lot of energy, you may be able to get better mortgage rates. As this website advises, the first step is usually to get an evaluation of your house to understand its value.


Architectural features to increase house value
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Mouldings may sound like something you need a professional in to fumigate, but really, they will send the value of your home soaring. Plaster mouldings such as ceiling roses, crown moulding, and mantelpiece features are highly sought after.

If your property has them originally, you should take immediate steps to preserve and take care of them. If it once had them, i.e. it’s a period property, and they were removed, you should invest in restoring them. Alternatively, you can redesign your home to include these simple but stunning features.

You could easily be sitting in a home that is worth more than you ever imagined. Alternatively, a few small investments could result in a big increase in value. What are you waiting for?

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