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Denny Buildings, Scotland : Design Proposals – Urban Realm

Urban Realm Proposals for Denny re Carbuncle Awards – Falkirk Design Contest

7 Feb 2011


Denny Exhibition

Denny, the Stirlingshire resting place of the 2010 ‘Plook-on-the-Plinth’ trophy, is building upon the momentum of a Spring appearance on the BBC’s One Show with a week long “lance the boil” event that aims to transform the Carbuncle capital into a beauty spot.

Urban Realm, the architecture magazine which runs the annual Carbuncle Awards, is hosting a series of public exhibitions in the town centre as a means of engaging the wider public in plans for the redevelopment of the infamous Church Walk blocks which blight the otherwise scenic communities High Street.

Some of Scotland’s top architectural practices have been signed up for the initiative; including RMJM, Alan Dunlop Architects and 3DReid, together with a host of individual submissions. Feedback obtained at these sessions will be compiled at the events conclusion and issued to Falkirk Council in a bid to build momentum behind long promised redevelopment plans.

Carbuncles spokesperson John Glenday said: “Our unwelcome accolade may have put Denny on the spot but it will also help to give the town an altogether different complexion by showcasing Denny not as it is but how it could be.

“The range of approaches adopted by our contenders illustrate not only how to clear up the blemish at the heart of Denny but also highlight the advantages inherent to a bottom up approach to design.”

The Denny exhibition ran from 7 to 10 Feb

19 Nov 2010

Denny Design Proposals


Denny may have embraced the Carbuncle cause this year but it only did so on the proviso that built environment magazine Urban Realm (organisers of the annual contest) get behind the community and put forward design proposals for their ailing town centre. In response UR solicited design ideas from industry professionals, local residents and students for how the town can be made better…and we have been inundated with responses.

Denny Design Proposals by Alan Dunlop ; and Jo Leeder:

Denny Design Proposal Denny Design Proposal
pictures from Urban Realm

The focus of our efforts lies with a development known as the Church Walk Blocks, a series of four residential/retail units constructed in the late 1960’s which are now long past their sell by date. Henry Boot Developments has been appointed by Falkirk Council to deliver a £13m regeneration plan by Keppie Design for the site but the plans remain unrealised in light of the economic downturn. There is a window of opportunity then to reassess what Denny should be and that is what we aim to accomplish here.

New housing is needed for the Denny area but market forces are pushing that requirement to the suburban eastern fringe. This competition is designed to investigate ways of promoting an affordable live/work combination for the town centre which is both buildable and sufficient to the town’s future needs.

In addition only 50% of Denny residents regularly use their town centre for their primary food shop, we have therefore looked at ways of accommodating a superstore of circa 18,000sq/ft together with new public space, including a square, and a replacement library. Roads infrastructure around the town will require to be upgraded in tandem with these plans, to both reduce congestion and improve pedestrian access.

Competition organiser John Glenday said: “ This competition is an opportunity to look not just at what Denny is, but what it can be. We have put Denny through a strict low Carb diet, transforming the town from a rotten borough to a happy place. What future Denny do we wish to see? High or low density? Inward or outward looking? Car or pedestrian focussed? Entries received thus far ought provide food for thought for all those with a stake in Denny’s future.”

A panel of judges chaired by Wayne Hemingway and encompassing local residents and the Urban Realm editorial team will assess submitted work and select their favoured designs. The top three will be handed to Henry Boot Developments and Falkirk Council for their consideration for inclusion in the ongoing plans to regenerate the town.

Denny Building Competition – participants so far

Alan Dunlop, RMJM, Iain Smith, Jo Leeder, 3DReid, Blue Nile Associates

Denny Building design proposal images / information from Urban Realm

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