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Best LED bulbs in 2021

22 Jan 2021

Best LED bulbs in 2021: lighting lamp

No wonder how prevalent LED has become today. It made its way in every possible industry with its pliant nature. It is found in almost all the appliances in our homes. The commonly found are illuminating LED bulbs.

The LED bulbs have replaced the traditional filament and gas bulbs because they consume 90% less energy, and are durable, eco-friendly, pocket-friendly, and efficient.

So, if you are in search of the best-LED bulb to illuminate your space and need an extra hand to find it. Here we have compiled a list of the best-LED bulbs you should know about or get one from.

Let’s get started.

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Best LED Bulbs of 2021

· The Innovative LED bulb from Phillips – Philips T Bulb 10-Watt LED Bulb, Cool Daylight Base B22

Phillips is one of the most renowned electronics brands. The Philips T Bulb 10-Watt LED Bulb, Cool Daylight Base B22 is considered to be the most innovative product from Phillips in the LED bulb range. It’s Plug and Plays feature make it highly prevalent. It can be plugged in on any existing bulb holder and doesn’t require electrician support to install it.

Phillips is a lot conscious about staying out of the crowd and thus, this LED bulb is designed to spread brighter and broader beams of light in the room like the extensive tube light. This LED light bulb also enables customized focus, with its swiveling body that can be moved 90 degrees vertically and 35 degrees horizontally.

Moreover, this Philips LED bulb saves 30% more electricity and comes with 15000 hours of extended life span than CFL.

  • The Brightest LED bulb from Havells – Havells LED Bulb 20-Watts

If you’re looking for a LED bulb that illuminates your space to the maximum then this bulb from Havells is what you need. The Havells 20-Watts bulb is claimed to be the brightest LED bulb. Its efficiency ranges between (90 – 105) which is averagely suitable as per BEE guidelines. This LED bulb also comes with 15000 hours of the span.

The brand also ensured to put the safety feature in their LED bulb that protects them from voltage fluctuations. This LED bulb from Havells has built-in surge protection of 3KV that protects the bulb and keeps it safe from voltage spikes. With all the advanced features, these LED bulbs also cost more than any other LED bulb in this range.

  • The Eco-Friendly LED bulb from Syska – Syska SSK–SRL–9W B22 9-Watt LED Bulb (Cool Day Light)

Considering the environmentally friendly factor the Syska introduced its non-toxic Syska 9-Watt LED bulb. This LED bulb is similar to Lepro LED light and is free from mercury and lead elements. This Syska LED bulb maintains your room temperature while illuminating your space with the required brightness, omnidirectional illusion effect, and colour temperature of 6500 Kelvin.

This LED bulb comes with 50,000 hours of durable life span with minimum operating voltage and saves up to 90% of total energy.

· The cost-effective LED bulb from Crompton – Crompton Base B22 (Cool Day Light) 18-Watt LED Bulb

Looking for a pocket-friendly option? Here is your jam. The Crompton Base B22 (Cool Day Light) 18-Watt LED Bulb is both energy-efficient and cost-effective. It consumes only 18 Watts and its filtered zero glare effect makes it eye-friendly, giving your eyes no strain.

Its 6500 Kelvin cool daylight makes it pleasant for the room. It has low heating effects when compared to other LED bulbs and has a plastic sturdy body. Moreover, the B22 base makes it fit in all holder types.

  • The All-rounder LED bulb from Halonix – HALONIX All Rounder Multi Wattage 15W,8W,0.5W Led Bulb

This LED bulb from Halonix is one of the most amazing LED bulbs you should have to illuminate your space. It comes with a one-year warranty and the unique feature of wattage adjustments that enable you to adjust the bulb’s watt consumption and brightness as per your comfort between the bright mode (15W), right mode (8W), and night mode (0.5W).

This LED bulb is also highly prevalent because of its unique features and unmatched style. It also has a B22 base that allows it to fit comfortably in any holder type.

Wrapping up!

There is a lot of LED brand that produces the best of LED bulbs. The LED bulbs listed above are the most preferred and are produced by renowned brands in the lighting domain. So, let’s hope you found some help in finding the best-LED bulb to illuminate your space.

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