Benefits of virtual interior design for architects

Benefits of Virtual Interior Design for Architects Tips, Building design, Property home builders

Benefits of Virtual Interior Design for Architects

2 Dec 2020

One of the main challenges that architects face in communicating with clients is to illustrate their final vision.

No matter if you’re an aspiring architect working on a new development, or a seasoned industry professional remodelling an existing space, letting your clients know what the project will look like in the end is crucial.

Only by properly communicating your aims first will you be able to collaborate with contractors and home builders to deliver a 100% satisfactory result.

In this endeavour, virtual reality (VR) is an invaluable asset for interior architecture and design. VR tools go far beyond elevation plans and Computer Aided Design (CAD). They allow your clients to explore their future spaces through immersive, interactive 3D models.

Here’s exactly how using VR interior design can benefit your operations as an architect – from improving client communication to boosting your portfolio.

Why wait? You can create interior design projects in Live Home 3D and view them in virtual reality on Meta Quest 2, HTC Vive Cosmos and other VR headsets.

1 – Let Clients Picture Themselves in the Space

To begin with, VR makes it easy for clients to picture themselves in their new space.

Even looking at well-drawn CAD models, it takes a leap of the imagination for most people to envision their daily lives in the spaces illustrated. VR helps them see not just the rooms and spaces, but also what they can do with them.

In addition, it’s easy to add personal touches. For example, if you’re working on a remodel, you can integrate existing furniture that clients would like to keep. Some photos of it are all you need.

2 – Draw Clients in with Interactive Elements

Using VR, you can create a fully immersive experience, going so far as to offer virtual walkthroughs using special gear. That way, clients can digitally step into their new homes, and explore at their leisure – before the project progresses any further than a computer model.

3 – Give a Clearer Vision – Get Better Feedback

VR makes it easy to help your clients explore their style preferences with regard to anything from window size and flooring materials to furniture colour.

That way, it’s easy to see exactly which features clients are happy with, and what needs further adjusting. Communication becomes much more accurate. As a result, the risk that clients will be unhappy with the final result diminishes considerably.

4 – Upgrade Your Portfolio

Another benefit of VR interior design is that it is a serious boost to your portfolio. Clients looking to hire architects have a massive market to pick from. Having a visually stunning portfolio can give you the edge.

Your VR models will give you the chance to showcase your creations in their best light. They will also demonstrate your design skills and communication competence to potential customers. Overall, highlighting some eye-catching VR projects is likely to increase your chances of getting hired.

5 – Provide Added Value

Finally, while there is some effort in getting to know VR, picking a software solution, and learning the necessary skills – it’s highly likely to pay off in the end. The time and resources you invest in VR interior design will be balanced out by higher asking prices for your services, and faster decisions on the client’s part.

In addition, more and more companies architects typically collaborate with are also picking up on the new technology, making many processes much more efficient. For example, some VR platforms already link to online retailers that provide all the furniture, flooring, wall covering, and decor options included in the final VR design.

Benefits of Virtual Interior Design for Architects – Conclusion

At the end of the day, VR interior design offers a number of benefits for architects. It helps you to communicate more efficiently, showcase your skills, and provide a better client experience. No matter whether you’re just starting out or whether you’re an industry veteran, picking up VR is an essential step towards future success.

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