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The Best Colors for Homes – Longmont CO Painters

1 Dec 2020

Any painter or interior decorator will tell you if you’re looking to spruce up your home, no matter what shape or size, and if you’re on a budget, is to swipe a fresh coat of paint into every room. The good news is you have a large assortment of different colors to choose from, but this can also be bad news. Sometimes choice can make us confused about what we want, and that’s why we’re here to lend you a helping hand.

Why not start 2021 in a fresh new way and change the colors in your home, to more lively, tranquil palettes. It will feel like you have moved into a new house all over again and can uplift everyone’s moods as well. The entire world has been affected by the current pandemic that has swept it in every corner, and staying indoors more than being able to go out into fresh air and sunlight as and we wouldn’t normally do, has become the norm.

Many people have become more stressed now than when they were working inside their offices, some of them don’t have the space to work from home or build a home office and as such tends to affect you both mentally and physically as well. Some tips about how to avoid this from happening to you can be found on this source, while other tips on sprucing up your home, not just because it is a fun DIY project but because it will help bring life to it, are below.

So, let’s add a new color to our space, shall we? What are the color trends for 2021, we take a look?

Best Colors for Homes in 2021 According To Longmont CO Painters

The Best Colors for Homes in 2021 According To Longmont CO Painters

2021 Home Color Trends You Can Take Advantage Of

As someone once said – change is as good as a holiday, and we take that very seriously. Below are a few colors that a few interior decorators have picked up as a predicted direction that home colors will start taking on.


No one likes classic blue tones in their home more than the eccentric and adventurous types. This, according to decorators has been labeled the “Pantone color of 2021”, so come the new year, many homes will start showing off their many different hues of blues. This classic blue is the color of royalty and many cottages in the UK and everywhere in the world have adopted it because it reminds homeowners of the colors of dusk, when the sun has just made its last appearance in the sky.

Also, this is a neutral color that goes with just about any flooring or finishes in any type of home, modern or traditional. It seems that it has been a color of choice for many years in the past as well as many sectors including the beauty industries, design and packaging industries and fashion as well, according to this article:

White. For those who are scared of this color making your home look too “clinical”, don’t be. White is one of the best colors to add to any home because it complements any type of pattern or upholstery from your curtains to your couch cover and even the carpets. One need not have everything in white, but having white on the more prominent features such as walls, couches, and blinds, makes room for space to play with, for the rest of the space, such as the carpets, couches, decoration pieces for instance.

White tends to give a modern feel to any space in the home and can make other colors stand out more. Many house painters have confessed to turning entire rooms from many colors to subtle and plain shades of whites and ivories; with this color complementing a playful mix of decoration pieces, extravagant chandeliers, and wall lamps, colorful carpets and couches with many throw pillows incorporating with funky patterns and colors such as oranges, reds, and greens.

Clay or Burnt Oranges

Surprised? Well, this doesn’t surprise us, as we saw it coming from a mile…literally! This is one heck of rich color and can transform any home office into a living space. You will love it so much that you will not want to move into any other office ever again. This color just can uplift anyone’s mood and make them feel like they’re outside in the sunlight, on a sunny day at the beach.

The more specific hue is known as “Cavern Clay” in a terracotta finish. It looks like warm putty in your hands and gives you the feeling of owning a home in a faraway land such as Italy’s Tuscany village. Perhaps its because it resembles the red clay earth found in most deserts of Arizona, that you feel the warmth of this on you, once it is on your walls.

If you love the color but feel that it’s too overwhelming to paint your whole office or lounge in it, why not pick one wall to accentuate it? This is something that worked in many homes, and especially for those who want something different but not yet comfortable taking the plunge to re-paint the entire house. Some people also go with wallpaper, just on one wall and the rest of the room is painted.

Best home colors in 2021 according to Longmont CO Painters

Lilac or Grey

Were adding these two in a similar category mainly because some lilacs can look gray from afar and some greys can look like lilac colors too. In the UK many homes love this color, perhaps it is because lavender is one of the most famous plants that are grown in the gardens year-round, and have that magnificent smell to them as well, or perhaps it just reminds owners of their childhood. Whatever the reason, it’s here to stay.

Lilac, however, is a very careful color. There are only a few complimentary hues that can go with it, for instance, lilac walls can look amazing as backdrops to white sofas and gray carpets, but not as nice as a background for burnt orange or green couches. Hence, choosing the right color furniture, such as natural woods, yellows, and pale creams, can look wonderful in the space and give one a calm and relaxed feeling.

There you have it – Some of the best colors to renew your home with!

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