Aluminium Doors and Windows

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Commercial doors

Aluminium Commercial Doors

While aluminium doors destined for residential use can offer advantages such as a high quality finish, robustness and lightness, they are usually not required to meet the same high specifications as those destined for commercial or public buildings. Commercial doors may need to withstand higher traffic loads and meet tougher regulations, so often have a wider choice of finishes, glazing, ironmongery as well as closing options.

Aluminium window

Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows can be an attractive and robust choice for both commercial and residential purposes. Variables to consider when choosing a product include the orientation, type of window operation, glazing and dimensions, as these can affect ventilation, lighting and thermal comfort inside the building. Features such as solar shading or built-in window blinds can be added to help control interior lighting levels and limit solar gain.

Revolving manual door

Revolving Doors

The type of entrance door chosen can depend on factors such as placement, traffic flow and building function. While sliding doors are very practical in high traffic areas due to their ease of operation and wide opening, automatic revolving doors help to prevent building heat loss. For low traffic or secondary entrances, manual swing doors may be preferred, due to their lower operation cost. Some may be equipped with a button operated power door to meet accessibility requirements.