Why the design of a gaming establishment is important

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Why the Design of a Gaming Establishment Is Important in Films

15 Feb 2021

Why the design of a gaming establishment is important
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Why the Design of a Gaming Establishment Is Important in Movies and Real Life

Some time ago, there was an article about how Mark Hamill was impressed with the casino footage in the latest Mission Impossible movie. It is undeniable that filmmakers have invested a lot of effort and resources into the casino set, as well as the characters, as Hamill himself said. Play at slots Canada.

And make no mistake about it, consultants from several land-based casinos participated in the adventure, 2 casino designers from Las Vegas and Macau and even a casino game designer on William Hill’s website who helped design the slot machine seen in the movie.

Land-based and online casinos like playamo.com are indeed often part of Hollywood creations and a lot of effort is put into their design. The interior design of the casino is used in the movies to describe a specific situation. The interior design of luxury casinos, such as those seen in Las Vegas, is used to represent luxury, wealth, entertainment, fun and excess.

However, there are also other types of casinos used in movies. Imagine an illegal casino filled with criminals and other dubious characters. It’s completely different from the first type of casino, isn’t it? Both types have a unique use on the film set and that’s fine.

Casino Interior Design in Real Life

Of course, the design of the casino interior is just as important in the real world. Perhaps even more so. In fact, interior design is often one of the key features that influence the profitability of casinos. This has a lot to do with psychology and the way gamblers generally act in a casino.

You may have heard of at least some of the techniques used to do this, such as the absence of windows and clocks in casinos. This way, players can lose track of time, having no idea how much time they have spent at the slot machine, roulette table or blackjack. It works, but the science behind casino interior design goes much further. Have a fun time at online bingo Philippines.

One of the best-known groups of principles of casino interior design was created by Bill Friedman and compiled in his book Designing casinos to dominate the competition: Friedman’s international standards for casino design and other publications.

Friedman’s idea of casino design was centered around a dark, labyrinthine interior, low ceilings, lack of decor and other features, all of which work together to “attract” players to the casino, keep them there as long as possible and keep them focused on the gaming equipment.

New Casino Interior Design Concept

However, this psychology of design has been largely replaced by something else, often referred to as “playground design”, a name derived from David Kranes’ publication in the Journal of Gambling Studies in 1995.

Playground design violates many of Friedman’s principles and often overturns them completely. The new design strategy opens up space, lets in natural light, and stops focusing solely on the playground equipment. Casino floors have ceased to be mazes and have become much more welcoming to players.

As Roger Thomas, a famous casino interior designer, explained to The New Yorker: “People don’t want to make bets when they feel trapped, overwhelmed or confused. It’s not the mood that makes them want to gamble.»

There may have been times when the old design philosophy could have made more sense, but today it has been largely replaced by playground design or other new approaches, at least in the major Las Vegas gaming centers and other gaming centers around the world.

What’s About Online Casinos?

Let’s not forget the world of online casinos. There are a large number of them on the market, with most of them having extremely similar selections of games and sharing other aspects that influence the way players choose to play at online casinos. The online casino’s website and user interface design are very important to its success, as can be seen on the Tropezia casino that was redesigned 1 year ago to meet the expectations of the players and encourage them to play more.

A well-designed casino site allows more people to log in and allows players to play longer, which is probably even more important. It takes a lot of resources to find new players, so it is important for casinos to keep the ones they already have.

To sum up, casino design is really extremely important, whether it is on a movie set, in Las Vegas, or on the Internet, although the reasons for its importance can be very different in each case. Knowing that the number of competing gambling establishments is only increasing, everyone is trying to add a twist to entice visitors and take a leading position in the market. Most people would probably agree that the new approach to design is better for movies and better in real life so that we can all enjoy a better moment of entertainment.

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