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How to Clean a Sponge Mop

20 Sep 2020

How to clean a sponge mop guide

Sponge mops are usually reusable. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean it now and then. If you seek to get the best result out of your sponge mop, you better keep it clean. If you don’t, then you will be damaging the floors even further in your home. Hygiene is important, and that applies to cleaning-products as well. Here is how you can clean you sponge mop:

Things You Will Be Needing

  • Hot water
  • A sponge
  • A bucket
  • Detergent
  • Latex gloves or rubber gloves

What You Will Have To Do

  1. Making the Solution

Fill up the bucket with hot water and then add one tablespoon of detergent. You can use mild floor-cleaning detergent or dish detergent. If you cannot decide what amount you should add, then regard the dilution amount suggested on the labels.

  1. Soaking the Sponge Mop Head

After making the solution mentioned on the previous, get the best sponge mop and soak it headfirst. Make sure to use some amount of force to press the mop head against the floor of the bucket. Doing this a few times will free the dirt and rubbish stuck on the sponge mop’s head.

  1. Cleaning the Metal Parts

Keep the mop head on the soapy solution and put a pair of gloves. Latex or rubber gloves should be fine. You will see the sponge head is held by metal and plastic parts. Scrub them carefully. Clean the handle too if you think it’s necessary.

  1. Rinsing the Mop for a Final Touch

Use cold water to rinse the mop. The mop head that had been soaked in warm soapy solution now needs it to be rinsed off. Keep the water running until it becomes clear. Later let it dry.

Alternative Methods

Using Salt-Water Solution

You can use a saltwater solution to clean the mop head. Add a quarter of a cup of salt and add it to a liter of water. Use more of the solution if you need but keep the ratio the same if you can. Let it be thoroughly mixed into the water. Place the mop head on the solution and let it soak overnight. When morning comes, just drain the solution out and let the sponge mop dry.

Using Vinegar-Water Solution

You can make a half hot water half vinegar solution at home very easily. The acidity of the vinegar will help you disinfect the mop. After making the solution on the bucket, soak the mop head in it for an hour or more. Then rinse in cold water.

How to Clean a Sponge Mop Tips

There’s almost always a musty stench that mops are familiar with. You can get rid of it by drying it out in the sunlight. You can use a tarp if you wish to. Place it on your backyard or the driveway or anywhere that gets enough sunlight.

It’s advisable to change the mop heads every 2 to 3 months. You can’t use it forever. The sponge heads get damaged and ripped over time. Cleaning is no job for a mop like that. On the contrary, your floors will get damaged.

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