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What are the Requirements for Temporary Buildings Planning Permission?

9 Feb 2021

Many people wonder whether you need permission to put up a temporary building. Unfortunately, the regulations state that you need planning approval before erecting any temporary structure within your premises. Regardless of the style or design of your structure, you have to seek approval prior to its construction. If you plan on keeping the building for over 28 days, you must seek permission from the local authorities.

What are the Requirements for Temporary Buildings Planning Permission?

What are the Requirements for Temporary Buildings Planning Permission – Advice

What happens if you do not apply for planning permission?

What you may not know is that any disgruntled neighbour has a right to raise a complaint against the structure, and can complain about your building. Once they do that, you may receive an order from the authorities to take down the structure in question. Even though you could stand your ground and try to seek retrospective planning permission, the process will be more rigorous since you already constructed the building. The bottom line is that you should follow due process from the very start of your project.

Who should make the planning application?

If you are the landowner, you have to apply for planning permission. However, working with a reputable temporary buildings firm such as Smart-Space comes with an added advantage. They ensure that you know how to seek the planning permission required. The leading temporary buildings solution provider in the UK is with you every step of the way. Given that they have offered their solutions for years, they can organize and lodge an application on your behalf before any ground is disturbed. The company’s professionals are conversant with the laws applicable to certain areas. They know what to do, if yours is a listed property, or if it sits within a conservation area.

How do solution providers know your planning permission will be granted?

Having interacted with planning officers’ multiple times on behalf of their clients, Smart-Space knows the kind of requests that will not sit well with local authorities. The company’s experts advise their clients to begin by setting up a casual meeting with the officers in charge. These meetings help you as the client understand what the authorities expect. You should know early on whether any possible negative impacts on the environment will get your application rejected. Also, they will inform you of the size and design restrictions within your locality.

Sometimes, your temporary building could interfere with the road network, traffic, or parking. In no way should your structure encroach on public amenities. If the size you have indicated in your application says otherwise, your application cannot go through

What are some of the factors that the planning officer will scrutinize?

When considering your planning permission application, the planning officer will consider several things. These include possible encroachment, environmental, and conservation issues. The only applications they will approve are those that comply with local policy.

How much will it cost to acquire planning permission?

When using a professional construction firm, you will have to pay their stipulated fees. When you do that, they will shoulder the responsibility of getting the planning permission for you. The amount includes the cost of mandatory drawings.


As earlier mentioned, you cannot erect a temporary building on your premises without careful planning. Without this, the local authorities may order you to relocate it or even demolish it. Working with a professional company can help you steer clear of such problems.

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