Upgrade your kitchen with built-in wine fridge

Upgrade your kitchen with built-in wine fridge tips, BODEGA43-40 advice, Home luxury cabinet for bottle cooling

Upgrade your luxury kitchen with a BODEGA43-40 built-in wine fridge

8 September 2021

Upgrade your kitchen with built-in wine fridge

If you are a wine lover, you know better than anyone that storing wine properly improves wine quality. Would you like to have these within reach in a familiar way in style? A built-in wine cabinet from BODEGA43 meets all these wishes!

The wine fridge model BODEGA43-40 is a specially developed full glass wine fridge with the special feature that they can be easily built into your kitchen or other interiors.

Store your wine at the right temperature

The power of a wine fridge from BODEGA43 is due to the powerful compressor cooling mechanism that makes it possible to cool wine at all times to a temperature between 5 and 20 degrees. Manually set your wine cabinet to the desired temperature and you can leave your wine alone with a familiar feeling. Whether you want to cool one type of wine or several types of wine, the wine cabinet can store different wine types in one cabinet at the right temperature thanks to a 2-zone cooling system.

Installation of a built-in wine cooler

Are you looking for a 400mm wine cooler that can be built into your kitchen or at another location in your home or at work? Thanks to a compact design, the BODEGA43 is installed in your kitchen in no time. Whether you are looking for a built-in wine cabinet, built-in wine cabinet or a free-standing model. It’s all possible. Make your wine experience the centerpiece of your kitchen.

The wine cabinet is functionally concealed under the counter top or can serve as a ‘room divider’ between your living room and kitchen. All in all, the options are endless and very varied. Do you like to drink a glass of wine while cooking or is the kitchen the central place to enjoy a glass of wine? Don’t make it too difficult for yourself and put your wine within reach.

Kitchen built-in wine fridge help guide

Quality and style

A BODEAG43 built-in wine cooler guarantees quality and therefore offers a 6-year warranty on every product. Buy wine cooler from the UK and get it shipped in 1 working day. The wine cabinet is equipped with extendable drawers that lie horizontally, each of which is made of lacquered beech wood. Thanks to this design, you can serve the wine with ease and the wine obtains the correct horizontal position, tranquility and stability. A double glazed UV light door that protects your wine from the sun and presents your wine stock in an elegant and attractive way. Atmospheric LED lighting gives your wine an even more luxurious look.

Vibration-free and silent wine cooling

The BODEGA43 kitchen line is a wine cooler that is barely audible, which distinguishes itself from many other wine cabinets. The noise of this wine cabinet is only 39dB during operation, so you can enjoy a glass of wine undisturbed.

Offers your wine bottles comfort and stability thanks to an extendable wooden platform which is easy and smooth to operate thanks to special bearings. Geek messing around with placing and taking out your wine bottles. Simply present your collection and let your wine mature undisturbed.

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