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Good Lightning in Your Home Options

9 September 2021

Humans are wired to be attentive to lighting. Warm, dimmed light makes the mood more relaxed and perfect for the evening. Sun-light, bright rooms make it easy to wake up with a lot of energy.

If You Don’t Like “Fake” Lighting in Your Home, Here Are 6 Options for You

Lighting in your house will affect how you feel, too little is linked to sadness and depression, too much artificial lighting may be tiring. Therefore, Abacus Avenue Management Team says maximizing natural light is worth the effort. The process can be divided into 2 steps: making sure that enough light gets in, and ensuring that the light in the room is properly reflected.

Good Lightning in Your Home Options

How to Let Natural Light in the Room?

The best time to ask this question is when you’re designing your house. Large windows, skylights, or glass blocks are vital elements of construction and it’s far easier to implement them in the building at the initial phase. Later, it will be simply costly. However, the good news is that it is possible and if that’s the only option, don’t hesitate.


The essential element of a bright house. The larger, the better. The only reason why not every apartment has floor-to-ceiling windows is that they cannot be implemented in all the spaces. Typically, we want daylight, but not too much sunlight. We want bright rooms, but also a sufficient amount of privacy. There needs to be a balance between those factors.

Skylight windows

A complementary solution for classic windows. Skylight windows let the light in the small rooms, with limited wall space, or in large rooms, where wall windows are not sufficient to give light to the center of the room. They fit in many rooms and are rarely shadowed by other buildings, providing a light tunnel throughout the whole day.

Glass blocks

The last solution to get more light is glass blocks – glass constructions that function as walls, but are transparent and let the light in. The transparency is not total, so it is possible to maintain a satisfactory level of privacy. They find great applications in the bathrooms, kitchens, or dining areas in your home.

How to Reflect the Light in the Room Better?

Reflecting the light that gets in the house is another way of increasing natural lighting. It can be easily implemented at any stage of the building and long after the construction. They do not require a large budget and minimal construction work.


Sun-shelves are the common name for horizontal sunlight redirection devices, which are objects that redirect the sunlight towards the ceiling in the center of the room. They have a shelf-like look and are placed on top of the windows. The only disadvantage of them is the fact that they’re not largely popular, so they may fall into the category of “extravagant” style.

Bright colours

It’s not a secret that white colours make the room seem brighter. White reflects 100% of light, so make sure to use it everywhere it’s possible and functional for you. The place to start is a ceiling – choose a matt paint for that to even increase that effect. For your walls – choose bright colours and gloss paint, which is more durable and reflects the light towards the ceiling.

Reflective elements

Glass-like tiles. Mirror-like chandeliers. Classic mirrors. Reflective sconces. Shiny cabinet pulls. The sky’s the limit. The general rule is that the more reflective objects in your room, the more light stays in it. Glass tiles or highly glossy ceramic tiles that can be used in kitchens, dining areas, or bathrooms reflect almost 100% light, just as the white colour does. Alternatively, a playful mirror-like chandelier will nicely disperse the light to the whole room.

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