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Ultimate Designer Bedroom : Interior Architecture Design

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4 Jan 2013

How to Achieve the Ultimate Designer Bedroom

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Fitted Bedroom Design

The bedroom is often the one room in the house that offers true peace and quiet; somewhere where you can relax, be yourself and feel totally at ease.

If your bedroom is cluttered and messy or doesn’t reflect your personality, you can often miss out on the restfulness it should provide and feel uncomfortable or stressed by your surroundings instead. Studies have shown that people tend to sleep better in a room that is relaxing, and is tidy and neat.

If you are thinking of redesigning your bedroom and you want to achieve a particular look, then follow these simple design ideas.

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For the reasons above, storage is absolutely critical to the successful design of a bedroom. If a house doesn’t have storage it means things spill over and create clutter making even the most beautifully decorated house look a mess.

There are a huge number of clever storage solutions available, but bespoke offers a tailored alternative. Individually designed schemes make the most of your space and mean annoying nooks and restricted heights can be negotiated. Providing they fit your scheme, sliding doors are more efficient than opening ones, again maximising space.

By streamlining the storage in your bedroom and hiding away the clutter, you can instantly create a designer look.


In order to relax in your room it’s important it all fits together. That means design-wise as well as spatially. Before you do anything, think about the look you want to achieve – don’t buy an antique walnut bed at a knock-down price if you want to create a sleek, modern bedroom.

You will need to decide what colour scheme you want. Desirable colours for selling property are neutral tones, and the same goes for establishing a relaxing haven. This doesn’t have to mean living in a magnolia prison – you can add subtle hues of colour, which will add warmth and depth to a room without bright or overpowering colours.


Flooring can make a real difference to the look and feel of a room. Many people opt for carpet in bedrooms as they believe it is warmer and cosier. There are plenty of modern styles of carpet available meaning you will be able to find something that will match your chosen design.

If you are against having a carpet, then real wood floors offer a true designer look, but they can be chilly on your feet, so a rug can be a good idea to add not only warmth but an accent of colour.

Designer bedrooms may sound daunting and expensive, but with the right research and planning, you can achieve the look for less than you might have thought.


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