Transforming a room into a health-conscious space

Five ideas for transforming a spare room into a health-conscious space, Good building tips

Five Ideas for Transforming a Spare Room into a Health-Conscious Space

6 November 2023

It can often be difficult to decide what to do with a spare room. The options are endless, to the point where it is left undecided, instead becoming a dumping ground and a space to gather clutter.

Transforming a Room into a Health-Conscious Space

But that shouldn’t be the case, and more so than ever we should consider using our spare rooms as places that can promote healthy living and lifestyles, both mentally and physically.

Today, more people are suffering with stress, anxiety and depression than ever before, with 60% of adults admitting that anxiety interferes with their lives regularly, so creating a room that can potentially aid that is mightily worthwhile.

So, if you have a spare room just sitting there doing nothing, here are five ideas to transform it into a health-conscious space…

A creative studio

If you have an artistic or crafty streak to you, then building a space in the home that can cater to that can be hugely beneficial. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, you can simply start with a blank space and fill it with the equipment you need, whether that be easels, potters wheels, musical instruments or anything else.

What’s important is that you know it’s there, and it’s ready and waiting for whenever you feel the need to escape or express yourself.

Yoga studio

Another simple idea is to clear the room out and use the space for meditation and yoga. You need to create a calm environment in this case, and really consider how to maximise things like natural light, while also ensuring there’s no harsh lighting if you’re going to use it more regularly in the evening.

Use calming colours on the walls and ensure there is enough floor space to be able to do your stretches.

A home sauna

There’s something incredibly therapeutic about a sauna and home saunas are becoming more and more accessible, suiting a range of budgets and available in different sizes. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to installing a home sauna, from the style and design to the heat source and privacy, even in your own home.

Infrared saunas are a good option for the home, with brands like becoming popular in the market due to the variety they offer. Naturally, you’re also going to want to also have a little space outside of the sauna to relax and cool down too, and it’s certainly one of the more opulent options, but the health benefits are also remarkable too.

A library

While sitting in a sauna is the ultimate form of relaxation for some, for others sitting and escaping in a book can be just as therapeutic. Home libraries have been around for generations, and all you really need to transform your room into one is plenty of shelving to store your books, a comfortable chair, and some nice mood lighting.

You want to ensure there’s enough light to reed, but nothing too harsh as it will prevent you from escaping into your book. Think about a heat source in the room too, as you just won’t be able to lose yourself in reading if you are cold.

Home gym

Finally, and perhaps most obviously, you can use the space as a home gym. We all know the health benefits, both mentally and physically, of exercising, and no matter what the room size, you’ll be able to do some form of exercise within it.

It might be that you simply want to work on weights, or you want to install a treadmill or rowing machine. Think about the space, how you like to exercise, and the best equipment for that. It will likely be costly, but if you’re a member of a gym and having to commute there and back daily, then the investment will certainly pay for itself over the space of a couple of years.

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