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Top Architecture Trends of 2020

5 Nov 2020

Top architecture trends of 2020 city design

Top Architecture Trends of 2020 That Will be Carried Forward in 2021

Typically, we are in the last quarter of 2020, and we are ready to move to the new year with a fresh eye. Hopefully, in 2021, we will see more than a few modifications and contemporary modern architecture trends. Designers and engineers are now forced to revamp the way they engineer in this face of the evolving environment.

In the current time, we regularly see an influx of new and green designs that will adopt several environmentally-friendly methods, equipment, and materials. Contractors are now making a gradual switch to more resilient and sustainable equipment and materials.

A few of the equipment is designed to improve productivity without hampering the environment. Here, in this article, we will discuss with you some of the new and latest design and architecture trends that will take over in the coming year.

Maximizing outdoors

In the coming year, patios, terraces, and balconies will be reintroduced as the prime design elements. It is a great evolution that can be enjoyed all around the year, especially if proper care and maintenance are adhered to. One of the trends that is most sought after and seem promising is the glass curtains, says Farah, who works with FineGrades. Well, yes, the glass curtains are and will be in trend for their very ability to enable the spaces to open up on days when the weather is good. You can even use the portable stoves on the days when the climate is good, and the weather conditions are favorable.

Automated and smart homes

There is a surge in the use of automation for both new and rehabilitated buildings. Automated systems will control the temperature, light, and security of the homes. These though a hit trend in 2020, will continue to be in demand even in the coming years.

With a small building, the users are assured of good comfort. Moreover, these bring in a decline in the energy bills. Adopting and switching to this domotic architecture is indeed a reflection of your environmental and social awareness.

Adaptable open spaces

With open spaces, you can metamorphose any space as and how you like it, points out Chloe, an EduWorldUSA associate. Partitions and walls are eliminated to give the design a more adaptable and flexible characteristic. Earlier, the integration of the living room and the kitchen used to be a norm. However, now it has been expanded. Today, it includes the terrace and even the bedroom.

Greater attention to baths and kitchens

In 2020, prominence was given to the baths and kitchens. Of course, the kitchen is the center of all household activities, but it has evolved further over the years. Now, it is the prime focus of the house. Though the housing market is recovering today, the designers and architects will emphasize this.

On the other hand, the bathrooms will no longer be curtailed to being the place for personal care and grooming. Today, the bathroom has been developed to be a recovery and relaxation place after a long day at work. The surge in the Jacuzzi and bathtub sales is clear evidence of the fact that today more and more people are disconnecting from the exterior environment and, instead, taking this time to reconnect with their inner self. So, these new and modern forms of bathing are the ideal ways to unwind.

Minimalism and industrialism

As part of industrialism, the focus is on the use of aluminum, iron, wood, and recycled paper, as these lower the cost involved in construction. This is further characterized by the absence of surface elements, asymmetrical forms, and simple lines. In the design trend, one thing that will never go out of style is minimalism, points out Rose, who works with TrumpLearning. In a minimalist design plan, there is a use of modern materials and avant-garde. This ensures acoustic and thermal insulation that reduces the cost and is beneficial for the environment.

Rehabilitation and reformation of spaces and buildings

The reconstruction of archaic and historical buildings offers them a longer lease on life, points out Jenny, who works withEssayWriter4U. It extends their usefulness to society and the environment. These historic buildings significantly add a sense of historical value to the town or the city. Retrofitting and reforming the old structure is also a lot more affordable as opposed to their demolishment, as that would need the redevelopment of the building from scratch to the point up.

Top architecture trends of 2020 – Bottom line

It would not be wrong to conclude by saying that in 2020, the design and the architecture have evolved for the better. As we move on forward to the next year, we are sure that they will only develop further and become the real game-changers in the construction industry. Be it home or office; the architecture is an insight into your personality. So, even though you adopt the new trends, do not let the place lose its very character and soul.

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