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Top 10 Co-Working Spaces in Glasgow

5 July 2021

We know what it’s like, being a freelancer, or an up-and-coming entrepreneur that is constantly working and on the move 24/7. It can be frustrating to do it all alone in this big bad world, and finding spaces where you can work efficiently is a hassle, in addition to the ones you already have!

This is why we are here to make your life a little easier. In this article, we are going to be talking about the 10 best co-working spaces in Glasgow that you can work in right now! Or if you fancy a space in England why not try coworking London.

Top 10 co-working spaces in Glasgow
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Top 10 Co-Working Spaces in Glasgow, Strathclyde

The Docks at Film City Glasgow

We start off the list by talking about a co-working space that caters towards the professionals from the film industry called ‘The Docks’.

Top 10 co-working spaces in Glasgow
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Whether you want to finish off your million-dollar script or work on the post-production of your short film, this co-working space has the studios, production offices, post production suites and sound theaters for you to do just that!


Top 10 co-working spaces in Glasgow
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One of the best picks on this list, Collabor8te is a melting pot of artists, entrepreneurs and freelancers that individually come to work in a shared space and end up bouncing ideas off one another to create amazing work.

They have a range of features and amenities such as a lounge, catering kitchen, events, workshops, photocopiers, printers, scanners, free Wi-Fi, coffee & tea, and much more!

Pentagon Co-working – BizSpace

Situated in one of the most peaceful locations in Glasgow, combined with the beautiful and soothing interiors and polished concrete floors give this place a vibe that is unmatched.

This space along with the many features that it boasts such as printers, a lounge, ping pong table, event space, and a ping pong table, also has wheelchair accessibility, which is a huge plus in our books.

Space Works Glasgow Charing Cross

What’s special about this co-working space is that the amenities offered here are high-quality, but are offered at very affordable prices. Lounge, free coffee, a large parking space, printer, scanner, photocopier, are just a few of the features available at this space.

Top 10 co-working spaces in Glasgow
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If you ever feel that co-working spaces are just not for you, you can always head on over to our page where we talk about the various properties and real estate available in Glasgow at the moment, for you to consider living in permanently as an alternative option

The Hub

One of the more high-end co-working spaces on this list, The Hub oozes luxury and comfort while being generous enough to not skyrocket their prices to unreasonable levels.

While having all the basics of a co-working space covered, The Hub also offers you your private suite of up to 16,000 square feet. They pride on keeping their commitments with you flexible and will adjust your living needs as per your choice.

Clockwise Office

Top 10 co-working spaces in Glasgow
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This very aesthetic co-working space is quaint and possesses an amazing vibe to focus on your work and be productive. They include a vegetarian menu, vegan menu, gluten-free menu, and onsite restaurant and other booming food and drink services

But the main thing that caught our eyes, and everyone who uses this co-working space, is the beautiful interiors. If you enjoy such architecture and aesthetics and would like to see more, you can check out our page that explores magnificent architecture in Glasgow.

Ibis Budget

As the name suggests, the space is known widely for how affordable their rates are, their prices all over sitting well in the double digits range. Perfect for up-and-coming startups and freelancers.

Customers love to hear that apart from the usual amenities, the space is dog and cat-friendly too! Apart from that, they have inclusive food choices a vegan, vegetarian, and a gluten-free menu in addition to the onsite restaurant.

Think Tank Glasgow

Working just like an actual think tank, Think Tank Glasgow is a well-reputed co-working space that everyone can find a home in.

Top 10 co-working spaces in Glasgow
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Small businesses to big-time freelancers, everyone here comes together and works in serenity while being treated to top-quality amenities and free coffee for when you need that pick-me-up.

Red Tree Magenta

Red Tree Magenta is a premium co-working space here in Glasgow, and is a popular choice for corporations and big businesses, for good reason.

You can opt for dedicated suites and business club memberships in addition to the various amenities such as personal lockers, free parking facility, outdoor terrace, and much more!

Toad’s Caravan

The friendly vibes at Toad’s Caravan are unmatched, and freelancers to business owners, all flock here to experience soothing and productive work hours.

Something about standing chairs and a dog-friendly space that just makes a place booming with good energy, even though people come here to work, primarily. Oh, and don’t forget the free coffee!

And that was our list of the top 10 best co-working spaces in Glasgow. Browse through our website for similar content!

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