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Stocktwits Review 2021: Is It Worth The Time?

10 Dec 2021

StockTwits is a well-known social network especially developed for traders and investors who enjoy sharing their thoughts. It’s an upgraded version of Exchange’s Messenger with a simple interface and extra elements.

  • Usability: 4.2.
  • Information quality 3.
  • Message flows 3.
  • Heatmaps: 4.2.
  • Rating: 3.6.

Stocktwits review 2021 guide

Read this stocktwits review to determine whether it’s worth the money you put into StockTwits or not to make use of this site for any reason.

Stocktwits Description

StockTwits was created by Howard Lindon back in 2008 as an online platform that let traders and investors make trades on the concepts they were trading on. Platform lies the basis of the rise of cashtags (such as $AAPL), which we’re all familiar with and use every day. The website hosts more than 100,000 registered users who exchange trading and investment concepts in real-time.

Platform Of Stocktwits

StockTwits is a platform that will be like those you’re familiar with. It’s described as a blend that combines Exchange, the Exchange messaging strategy, and Twitter. Graphs can be utilized by traders who trade quick notes and connections on promotions. They are then incorporated into distinct creeks per stock.

The numerous exciting aspects of this StockTwits software is cashtags. They permit you to utilize ticker symbols of stocks to create tags. Contrary to the inconvenient messengers, This is a straightforward system that is well-organized.

Stocktwits review 2021 advice

In the end, Twitter also started using cashtags in 2012, which made it much more comfortable for traders to utilize the forum to trade ideas. In addition, do you think the StockTwits forum is ancient?

Additionally, you can access the cashtag’s essential functions via Twitter; StockTwits is much more efficient and more than the demands of traders.

Let’s Look At A More Detailed Analysis Of Some Capabilities


StockTwits stream is live streaming messages streams separated by ticker type or general topic.

For instance, streams can be arranged according to the guidelines

  • Featured
  • Trendy
  • Charts
  • Stock
  • Forex
  • Futures
  • Private businesses

Topic streams (such as the popular stocks stream) are a fantastic resource for inspiration. They can be viewed through your browser or the pop-up window you select.

The particular streams for stocks may also offer important aggregated information displayed on the chart. Market participants can keep track of the number of market messages and their opinions. The channels that make up this system are user-friendly. They allow you to exchange ideas and manage messages.

The whole section functions similarly to Twitter. You can also sort posts by the popularity of the post or their release date and display separate advertisements. Overall it’s easy to navigate. The users who upload the stream can evaluate the quality of a stream (we’ll discuss them later).


StockTwits does an excellent job of aggregating data and creating data representations through the utilization of heatmaps. Heatmaps are a fantastic method for studying industries with the highest popularity and determining the most popular stocks in those areas.

Stocktwits review 2021 tips

StockTwits also offers the most comprehensive stocks section. It’s a trending category since it highlights stocks experiencing the highest (or decreasing) quantity of social media users.

The Value Of Aggregated Social Data

The heatmap section is the most valuable area. This is the section that StockTwits differs from Twitter.

Twitter is a virtual platform that allows traders to exchange messages and arrange cashtags. StockTwits connects with data, making it even more critical.

This is how StockTwits serves as a “social scanner,” helping to identify stocks based on their social connections. Also employ our “StockTwits Social Media Mentions” filter as one of the settings within the ETRADE Pro scanner. The capability to look at all the social media data simultaneously can assist you in developing more profitable strategies to trade.

Social Component

After we’ve reviewed the essential components of the StockTwits platform, let’s examine its potential to be used as an investment tool. StockTwits is a social platform specifically designed for traders in its simplest terms. Traders can sign up for each other, exchange messages to friends, share posts, post messages on a blog, and many more.

As opposed to Twitter, It’s specially designed for traders. You can experience it from the moment you open it. Watchlists for traders can be made, tag posts with bearish, bullish, or other options. Yet, StockTwits is a free platform for traders to talk about anything they’d like to discuss (similar to InvestorsHub).

In This Situation, You May Face Two Primary Issues

  1. Self-promotion.
  2. Trust rating.


StockTwits is an extensive collection of investors and traders. It is an excellent source for connecting with the perfect group of people. We do not have any complaints about the embedded advertisements. The StockTwits team has to earn money to survive.

This type of advertising isn’t beneficial and could hinder your information flow.

Find out the number of blog entries the company has published since April’s beginning of the procedure. While it’s impossible to completely eliminate the issue, it would be fantastic to see the StockTwits team invest more energy to address this issue.

Trust rating

The second issue with StockTwits is the evaluation of the credibility of the user. In the field of finance, trust is of the most significant importance. For instance, advice on the stock market straight from Warren Buffett is much more crucial than the advice given by someone working at the station.

The only thing that could be used to evaluate the trustworthiness of StockTwits is how many people are using the website. It is definitely not a reliable measure. In most instances, The trust Score for StockTwits is the same as that of Twitter.

StockTwits provides an open list of accounts. However, the majority of accounts are controlled by corporations. There isn’t too much content from these accounts in our ticker feeds (in our experience). It’s not easy to find a viable solution to this issue. However, we’re impressed by the method by which TradingView’s reputation rating system was created.

Is Stocktwits Worth Wasting Your Time

Overall, StockTwits is a pretty quality website. However, the issue is that it can be 10x more effective if certain modifications are made. At the moment, We view StockTwits as an online social network and not its investing tool.

If you’re exploring something that you can execute that is easy to access and free of noise. In this situation, think about joining a chat room for trade. However, StockTwits is already of enormous value since it combines messages into reports that have practical relevance.

For example, the notion of reading 50 bullish ideas every ticker isn’t a good idea; however, knowing that 95 percent of the messages contained in this particular ticker could be very beneficial.

StockTwits is a favorite of ours because of two reasons.

  1. Generating new ideas.
  2. Basic research, entertainment, as well as other resources.

As we’ve previously mentioned, data aggregated can be an ideal resource to come up with new ideas. However, it can be a social media network focusing on economics.

You can explore different streams and learn about the concepts associated with this campaign. They’re packed with helpful information. However, there are too many distractions on the site to be used as an information tool.


  • In addition to social aggregates, heatmaps could prove extremely useful in developing new concepts.
  • Market Sentiment has a vast knowledge in this field of concerns.
  • This is well-organized and simple for users to follow.


  • There are plenty of unneeded sound effects that stream.
  • It is unbelievable to assess the legitimacy of trust among the users.
  • StockTwits doesn’t offer much value if you use Twitter for business-related communications.

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