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Really Important ESTA Tips Guide

US Visitor Travel Eligibility – Electronic System for Travel Authorization Article

10 Sep 2018

Really Important ESTA Tips

Really Important ESTA Tips To Be Aware Of

ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. It is a specific automated system that is determining visitor travel eligibility to the US through the country’s VWP (Visa Waiver Program). VWP basically enables many foreign nationals to enter the country when they are citizens of specific pre-approved countries and when some certain requirements are met.

Prospective travellers need to prove eligibility through theESTA visa authorization application.The government practically compares personal information with what is present in databases to see if there are security reasons that would cause the person to be considered ineligible. ESTA stays valid for 2 years or is eliminated when a passport expires.

If you are a foreign national and you want to apply for ESTA, here are some tips you want to consider.

You Can Apply Through A Third Party

You can go through the ESTA application alone but you can also hire someone else to do everything for you. This is an option that is often recommended because of the fact that you are guaranteed the process is going to be properly handled. If you file your ESTA application with any small error, you will be denied entry to the US. This is a hassle you surely do not want to have to face.

When You File The Application Counts

As a foreign national you need to complete your ESTA application before the departure date by at least 72 hours. The documents that you need to have handy include US destination address, passport and details for your flight. After the foreigner completes the application and it is a success, an application number is offered. That number has to be kept safe. Printing out the details is definitely a very good idea.

Updates That Can Be Done After The Application

After your ESTA application is submitted, you can only update your place of stay in the US and your email address. The foreign nationals have to reapply in the event that other changes took place. This includes travelling to some countries after 2011, renewing your password and being denied a visa by the US Consulate/Embassy.

ESTA Needs To Be Renewed

After you receive your ESTA authorization, you have to be sure that it is renewed in time for the extra trips you are going to take to the US. The authorization is just valid for 2 years or until your passport’s expiry date.

Disclosure Is Needed

It is important to disclose prior arrests and other immigration issues that you had in the past in the event that you apply for ESTA. If you do not, the officials see it as being fraud.

You automatically became inadmissible to the country. It is thus a very good idea that you discuss the ESTA application with a good immigration lawyer or that you work with the companies that provide ESTA authorization aid. You need to be sure that you discuss previous legal problems or immigration problems so you fully understand how the visa applications can be impacted.

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