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How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer

22 Oct 2020

How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer in Some Simple Steps

What do you have as memories of your marriage once it has passed? You will have your darling, your wedding rings, your dress and your costume, but especially your photos! These unique moments that will allow you to relive this wonderful day even years later, these moments of happiness that you will pass on to your children and grandchildren. So, in order to help you in this process, I offer you some tips for choosing the right wedding photographer.

How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer

How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer in England

Warning ! There are good wedding photographers for all kinds of budgets. But do not expect to have the same service in terms of the quality of work delivered and above all (!) support throughout your marriage. For example, in Birmingham you will find Poptop to be a wedding photography service that is of better quality than most of its similar services in the city.

How important is photography to you?

The first question to ask yourself when planning a wedding is: “How important do we place photography? “. Indeed, often photography is one of the last budgets considered, far behind room rental, catering, dress and costume. And, as a result, many bride and groom discover at the end of the preparation the real cost of a professional wedding photographer and often fall back on someone who will not provide them with the expected work.

As a general rule, the cost includes the time the photographer is present on the big day, the processing of the photos, but also and above all the support before, during and after your wedding (advice, listening, tips, etc.). In addition, you should know that on the price of a service, the photographer pays charges (social contributions, travel costs, equipment, insurance, etc.) and therefore does not put everything in his pocket.

How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer

If photography doesn’t interest you more than that or if you really don’t have the budget to pay for a professional photographer, don’t necessarily succumb to the sirens of a photographer offering you a low daily rate! You probably have, among your relatives, one or two people who would be happy to take the photos of this day. Just remember to ask them beforehand to make sure they don’t mind taking pictures during your wedding. Your should consider a photo editing service like

What style of image suits you best?

After you have defined your budget, you will now need to define the image style that both appeal to you the most. This step is imperative before starting to contact photographers. Indeed, each photographer has his / her own style, which he / she develops throughout his / her life. Realize that what is in fashion at the moment may not be right for you and that you will still find photographers in the style that you like.

To help you make your choice, do not hesitate to ask the names of other providers of your wedding and, of course, your friends and family members who have already married and / or who have called on a photographer. You can also look on blogs specializing in weddings and Instagram-like networks where millions of wedding photos are circulating. If you visit, you can consult about styles that suit you and your partner, of course with adjustments to your budget. They are the best wedding photography service provider in Birmingham.

When and how to contact your photographer?

How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer

Contact your photographer as soon as possible after setting the date and location of your wedding. Personally, I would say that about 12 months before your wedding day is fine. Because even if some photographers will not even have started to open their reservations during this period, you will have pointed out to the photographer (s) you like. No need to contact dozens of photographers, especially with the same message. Contact 3 or 4 starting with your favorite to see if he / she is still available and if the power is going between you. In Birmingham and some other cities, you may run into trouble if you order photography out of the box.

When you contact a photographer, do it politely (like you, we like to respond to the message starting with “hello” and ending with “please”, “thank you” and / or “cordially”), take the time to give it as much as possible information about your wedding (the date, the place, the style, the hours, your desires …) and above all, take the time to tell him / her what you liked about his / her job, why you chose him / her rather than another. When a photographer has taken the time to respond to you, even if you have chosen another, take the time to send them a short message to inform them of your decision. There may be other bride and groom waiting on the same date as yours.

Do I have to meet my photographer before signing?

Before signing with a photographer, meet him in person or, if you live far away, for example you stay in London while your photographer stays in Birmingham, via videoconference. This will allow you to make sure that the feeling goes well. Remember that the photographer will be by your side all day. The reverse is also true, a wedding photographer works on the human. If you treat him / her like a normal provider, he / she will work like a normal marriage. The best images obtained by newlyweds are often achieved thanks to the trust established between the photographer and his clients.

Do I have to sign a contract with my photographer?

A contract protects both parties: the photographer and the bride and groom. It is therefore imperative that you sign one before the service starts. The best is to sign the contract when booking your wedding. As for the photographer, this contract commits him to doing everything possible to ensure that the report goes as well as possible and that the bride and groom have a result that meets their expectations (at least!).

Thus, he undertakes to have equipment well maintained and in good working order on wedding day, to regularly save the wedding photos to avoid any loss (in the event of theft or computer problem) and to do everything possible to be replaced in the event of absence due to force majeure. As for the bride and groom, this contract commits them to informing all the guests of the presence of a photographer so that they and the bride and groom play the game and readily lend themselves to the photographer’s instructions.

Hopefully the tips above can help you find the right wedding photographer.

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