Prounen, Suprematist Planes: El Lissitzky

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Prounen, Suprematist Planes, Strathclyde Architecture, El Lissitzky Painting

Proun : Glasgow Architecture

The ‘station’ of transfer – El Lissitzky Suprematist Design

post updated 16 July 2023

“The Proun is the station where one changes from painting to architecture”
El Lissitzky


Prounen are suprematist planes that acquire depth, architectonic dimensions and a value in cosmic space…at the last station on the suprematist journey we have torn up the old painting and turned it into a world which floats in cosmic space…the prounen have no fixed top or bottom; their inner balance depends on the very strong force of attraction between the different geometrical bodies…they are equally valid seen from different angles and at different levels. Prounen are, a method of creative thinking“.

Glasgow Contemporary Architecture aims to be a station of transfer, not a portal, nor a vortal. No other city in the UK – other than Edinburgh of course – has this type of architecture resource. In World terms, the site is ranked highly on numerous top search engines. We strive to not only be well-placed, but on the ball in terms of news: please get involved by sending in news of new projects and events, and we will do our best to publicise them.

Less prosaically, the station of transfer is the website and the destination: here it’s Glasgow. Some visitors will be voyeuristic daytrippers, looking but not touching. Some may leave their mark or cause a small ripple. Other travellers, mostly locals, should find a route that effects change in their port of call, the home destination: both physical & pyschological inspiration and improvement is required. Now. Letters, comments, bulletin board statements…let’s stop tinkering.

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