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MacCalman House : Bearsden Property

Home on Kilmardinny Avenue design by Calum MacCalman, Glasgow

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Architect: Calum MacCalman

Modern Scottish House Calum MacCalman MacCalman House Bearsden Property

Photographs © Andrew Lee Photographer

Bearsden Property

House in Bearsden

Address: MacCalman House, 18 Kilmardinny Avenue, Bearsden, north west Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Design: Calum MacCalman of Davis Duncan Architects

Practical Completion: Nov 2004

Contract Sum: £400k

David Duncan Architects Andrew Lee Photo

House in Bearsden images / information from Calum MacCalman, Glasgow

Bearsden is a town in East Dunbartonshire, Scotland, on the northwestern fringe of Greater Glasgow. This prosperous suburb is approximately 6 miles (10 km) north west from Glasgow City Centre.

The town is effectively a suburb, and its housing development coincided with the 1863 introduction of a railway line. The town was named after Bearsden railway station, which was named after a nearby cottage.

Bearsden was ranked the seventh-wealthiest area in Britain in a 2005 survey, and has the least social housing of any town in Scotland.

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