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Lightroom Presets for Portraits

14 Aug 2020

It’s not a secret anymore that perfectly looking skin is usually edited with Lightroom presets. Silky smooth, tan & glowing. That’s what you want for your portraits. made sure to create presets that allow you to edit your photos and achieve a natural looking skin. Retouch your photos with one click and get the pictures you have always dreamed of.

What are Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom presets are pre set settings that get applied once you click the preset. The settings vary depending on the preset but it usually includes contrast, clarity, tone curve (it adjusts the whites, mid tones, shadows, and blacks), and specific colors adjustments.

How Can I Get Lightroom Presets?

123Presets online store has more than 80 presets to choose. Here are some of the most popular ones: Minimal, Bright and Airy, Santorini, California, Barcelona, Sumer Vibes, Nude, Dark and Moody. As you can see all these presets have a certain theme to them. The main goal of the presets is to create a unique style that would match the client’s favorite colors and mood.

You can easily get your favorite presets by simply visiting 123 Presets store. Choose multiple presets that you love and create the images you have always desired.

Why Do People Buy Presets?

You can learn a lot from the presets that you buy. WIth normal Instagram filters you don’t really know how the photo was adjusted. With Lightroom presets you can see exactly which settings were changed to achieve the look that you have always wanted.

Lightroom presets save tons of time. Unless you love spending hours on editing, you will most definitely appreciate how quickly you can change your photos with Lightroom filters. With one click you can edit your photo and take it to the next level.

What Is Important In Great Portrait Presets?

In portrait photography, your subject is the most important. So even before applying the preset, you want to make sure that the photo you took conveys the message you were trying to send through your subject.

Great portrait presets will help you tell the story. Choose your main color tones according to the mood that you want to convey. Just like you can create a certain feeling in a movie through music, you can do the same thing with colors in photography.

123Presets main objective is to help you create the style that you select. On top of that, these presets focus on the natural and tan skin tones. Glowing skin is important in portrait presets. You don’t want oversaturated oranges or other unnatural looking skin tones.

Which Lightroom Presets Work the Best for Portraits?

There isn’t one good answer here. There are more than 80 presets that you can choose from that can create a specific style to your portrait photography. The best way to find out is to try a couple of them and see which one of them creates a story that you want to tell.

How to Take Better Portraits?

Focus on your subject. Make the person that you are taking photos of feel comfortable with you. Take breaks if you see that the model is nervous. Ask them some light hearted questions to get started. Tell them that you are just testing your camera settings at first.

Give direction. Even professional models appreciate when you tell them how to make their posing better. They don’t see their own images so it is difficult for them to adjust according to the space and light. However, you don’t want them to overwhelm with directions either. There has to be a balance.

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