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Improving Your Writing Skills: The Guide for International Students

23 Dec 2020

With the pile of writing assignments growing day by day, students find it hard to manage the augmenting academic burden. They lack time for everything because studies have taken over it. The situation gets even worse when a student decides to work part-time to have a decent resume upon graduation. It seems that only superheroes can manage it all.

Most complaints refer to writing assignments that have become a universal means to evaluate a student’s progress. Every teacher is deeply convinced that there is nothing better than an essay if you need to test students’ knowledge. Thus, they believe it’s their duty to task students with as many essays as possible to test it all.

Improving Your Writing Skills tips

However, it would not be the 21st century if there was not a solution to this problem. And we believe this article will be especially useful for working students who want to write better, be on time, and improve their grades.

How Can I Improve My Writing Skills?

This question is frequently asked by the entire student population. However, those who work and can’t concentrate 100% on their education should seek some advice on the matter. Here is what we have:

Seek Help

If you see that writing this essay will take too much time, a lot more than you can allow it to, ask for help. There are lots of companies whose mission is to provide writing services to students like you. There is nothing wrong with such a request; it is not a declaration of weakness but rather proper time management and resource allocation.

Yet, you should be very cautious when choosing your counterpart. We recommend checking EssayPro review and reviews of other writing companies to find one with an impeccable reputation and highly qualified writers. As soon as you do it, there will be no problem with writing assignments in your student life.

Read Literature

If you have some time, then improving your writing skills can be a valuable investment. You should start by learning the basics. There are lots of books on writing and you have your rubrics and instructions on academic writing. This is something you can start with.

Reading about writing is very helpful for those who realize the importance of it in their future career. When the basics are learned, you can proceed with more comprehensive resources explaining grammar stuff and stylistic nuances.

Practice Writing

When you learn a foreign language, you can be great at grammar but still unable to speak. The same applies to writing. You can know all of the details but still have no skills to actually write well. Thus, if your goal is to improve your writing skills, you should start practicing immediately.

Write whenever you have the opportunity. Make it a part of your job duties if you can. It doesn’t have to be academic writing: the goal is to get to as much practice as possible. For this purpose, any writing style is good.

Work on Vocabulary and Grammar

Your writing skills heavily depend on the words you speak and use and the sentences you build. You need to learn to express your ideas consistently to succeed in writing.

For this, start with reading and learning new vocabulary. Discover different contexts and peculiarities of every word to decide if they are appropriate for academic writing. Make sure you know the grammar details. Some teachers are okay with a few grammar mistakes, but for the most part, they hate reading the paper with flaws.

Find a Mentor

If you can find someone to comment on your writing assignments, that would be great. It is quite difficult to identify your mistakes on your own. Anybody else, even your family member or friend, has a better chance of spotting an error than you.

Improving Your Writing Skills guide

If the situation allows, you can also request professional help. A few times with a professional editor will definitely make you grab the idea of what academic writing is about. You’ll learn how to avoid those mistakes easily. You can also go to where you can help you with all the problems you have in the process of writing your essay.

I Have a Written Paper, How Can I Improve It?

If you want to improve your writing and this concerns a particular paper, you should do the following:

Run It Through Grammar and Spelling Checker

A ready-to-submit paper should go through a grammar check. You can use Grammarly or any other free grammar and spelling checker of your choice. What’s important is that you need to correct all your typos and mistakes.

Get Rid of the First Person

If you are about to submit your paper to a teacher, make sure it follows all requirements of the academic writing style. The first rule says that there should not be any first person in your text. Use formal sentence structures, passives, or other constructions to avoid it.

Edit the Structure

Unless specified otherwise, your paper should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. There is no exception to this rule. If this consistency and logic are broken, your paper will hardly get a high grade.

Run Your Paper Through a Plagiarism Checker

Many students skip this step, unfortunately. They believe that if they did not copy anything, there is no coincidence or borrowed ideas in it. Unfortunately, the Internet is full of content, and sometimes even the most original paper still has some percentage of plagiarism. Care to run your text through a plagiarism checker. It takes a few minutes but can save you from a lot of stress.

Edit and Proofread It After A While

If you have some time before submitting your paper, let it cool off. Leave the paper alone and change your focus. When you get back to your text, you’ll give it a fresher look and see the mistakes more clearly. This is the best time to make edits and proofread your paper.

Improving your writing skills guide – Final Words

Improving your writing skills does not end with your graduation. You’ll need them at any stage of your career, so you’ll keep adjusting these skills according to your needs. Yet, student years are the best time to learn and progress in writing. After learning academic writing, business correspondence and other types of writing will seem quite easy for you.

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