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How to Weld Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe

21 Sep 2020

It doesn’t matter whether you want to change the styles of your exhaust pipe or repair it, you will need to do some welding to your motorcycle exhaust pipe. It is highly warned that the work is hazardous and should only be done by someone who has welding experience. As there are several types of exhaust pipes that you can use on your vehicle, here are the most basic ones. Please, consider going through all the tips and tricks mentioned below so that you can do a good job while welding your motorcycle every time.


  1. Assembling all parts

You need to prepare well to get a good result. Before you start everything, keep in mind that it is crucial to assemble all your materials. It will help you not get into any problem of having a missing piece while doing something important. It can also save your time, and you may not need a helping hand while working as having everything in front of you will ensure maximum preparations. If you are looking for a good welder for exhaust pipes, I advise you to check the collection of Harley Davidson exhaust systems as they have some quality products in this regard.

  1. Securing your vehicle

Make sure that your motorcycle is locked correctly in one place lest it should fall during the welding process, which is dangerous. It might damage your vehicle and may even injure you. Locking the motorcycle in one place will also give it maximum stability so that the work will be even better. It will be an excellent choice to just lay the motorcycle on its side on a blanket or something soft, which will prevent it from getting scratches while also illuminate the probability of it falling.

  1. Cleaning the exhaust pipe

Remember to clean the muffler and the exhaust areas which are going to be welded. A rusty muffler can put you at risk of injuring yourself as the weld won’t hold perfectly. Clean the rust carefully with sandpaper.

Aligning and Stabilizing

Now, as you are done with all the preparations, it’s time for the main job. Go through the processes below-

  1. Put the repair piece that you want to weld over the actual exhaust pipe, as this can guarantee that you have a secure weld.
  2. You will need a little bit of overlap to lock the piece tightly. In this case, either get a helping hand or get something that can be used to hold up the muffler. It only needs to be held in place during the starting weld.
  3. Once you are done, weld your way around the piece and make sure that the pieces are welded solidly.
  4. Always be careful that the pieces are aligned all the time properly from the start to avoid any kind of misalignment problem.

Now that you are done welding your muffler, you may want to keep it under protection so that rusts don’t form on it. In this case, it will be a good idea to spray paint (whether it is clear or a colored one) on the pieces. Coating the areas that you welded will also help in preventing rusts.

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