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How to Rent an Apartment in Luxembourg?

25 Jan 2023

How to rent an apartment in Luxembourg?

Looking at the statistics of Luxembourg’s population, it can be seen that around 47% of the population is expats. This concentration of experts is higher than in any other European country. The reason behind the popularity among the experts is that it is in the heart of Western Europe, which makes it easy to travel to destination cities such as Paris and Brussels.

But the main reason the expats live in Luxembourg is mainly due to the fact that they can have an excellent quality of life there. It has all the benefits an expat needs in the country such as a healthcare system, security, and a secure destination for living with the parents.

In addition, expats who have children will have other important benefits, such as a range of public, private, and international schools to choose from. Even though the cost of living in Luxembourg is comparatively higher than in any other European Union, experts still prefer this country because of the quality of life it provides for them.

Most expats prefer renting an apartment in Luxembourg since it is the most convenient option. Apartments are widely available in the county as the common means of accommodation. However, not all apartments are furnished.

Apartments that are furnished are normally leased for shorter periods. But if you look at the unfurnished apartment, they will usually have a fully functional kitchen. And if you want to Rent Apartment in Luxembourg that are not only the best in the city but also comes at a reasonable price then you can always rely on

Why Should You Rent an Apartment in Luxembourg?

Many Europeans make the journey to Luxembourg in search of employment opportunities in the country’s booming sectors. Because of this, it may be difficult to find reasonably priced rental or buying options in the area.

Housing is scarce and costly in Luxembourg, thus most expats who make the country their permanent home choose to rent instead than buy. Over the last several years, housing costs in Luxembourg have increased, notably in Luxembourg City.

Depending on where they live and how many rooms they need, expats in the capital city may expect to spend anywhere from €1,200 to €2,300 monthly. Outlying communities often provide housing options at more reasonable prices. Properties located on the outskirts of a city are usually cheaper as well.

Renting Process in Luxembourg

After deciding on a rental apartment, a lease agreement must be signed. Local languages in Luxembourg include German, French, and Luxembourgish, therefore it is wise to hire an interpreter. Contracts between landlords and tenants are often signed for a certain period of time.

The renter may want to see your passport or other forms of identity, your work permit, your job contract, or your most recent pay stubs and proof of income before signing the lease. You’ll be able to move into your new home faster and ahead of other searchers if you’ve already gathered the necessary paperwork.

Make sure that the conditions of your lease, the monthly amount, the day when rent is due, and any other charges, such as shared costs, are all included in your rental contract. Tenants and landlords alike should be aware of their respective obligations and the terms for terminating the lease under the tenancy agreement.

Your landlord is obligated to provide you with a copy of the rental property’s required energy performance certificate. The legislation in Luxembourg mandates that all property owners and landlords purchase this for a term of 10 years.

Renting Payment Process in Luxembourg

The rental rate is usually decided between the landlord and tenant mutually. The annual rent cannot be more than 5% of the total amount the landlord has spent on the property (including building, purchase, and upgrade expenditures). A monthly rent payment schedule is customary. The rent for a fully furnished apartment cannot be more than twice as much as the rent for an unfurnished apartment of the same size.

In certain apartment buildings, residents are also responsible for paying a share of the building’s common expenses. It’s important for expats to remember that the renting process for luxury residences is different from the usual.

Based on the landlord’s financial commitment and the square footage of the property, the law defines a luxury rental. Unless otherwise specified in the rental agreement, the standard rental policies for non-luxury homes will apply.

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