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Home Office Renovation Ideas for 2022

25 January 2022

Just as we thought life was going back to normal, the UK Prime Minister announced that England’s Plan B would go full steam ahead and advised that all businesses should resume working from home wherever possible.

Pandemic – 1, Brits – 0. Sigh!

However, it’s not all bad news. In a recent survey, 60% of Brits admitted to preferring working remotely. It is widely believed that working from the comfort of our homes significantly improves work-life balance.

With all that in mind, it might be time to consider revamping our home workspaces once and for all! If you’re itching to get going but aren’t quite sure where to begin, here are a handful of home office renovation ideas for you to try out.

Home office renovation ideas for 2022

Home Office Renovation Ideas Guide

Home office essentials

Arguably the most important item to consider is your desk. The type of desk you go for will, of course, be entirely dependent on what space you’re working with at home.

If you have a separate study within your home, you can take advantage of larger desks with handy storage included. If you’re working with minimal space, a fold-out desk that you can easily tuck away on an evening is the perfect solution.

Next, you’ll need a comfortable chair with adequate back support so you don’t develop any muscular pain over time. Finally on our list of essentials, you’ll need a PC or laptop to work from if it’s not supplied by your employer.

Designing your workspace

If remote working will continue to be a part of your weekly routine, it may be time to think about a renovation project. Converting a spare room, attic or garage into a home office can be an ideal way to create a tranquil working environment that is separate from the rest of your house. This is crucial to creating a healthy work-life balance, as there is a temptation for many to overwork themselves.

This can be an exciting project for you to channel your inner interior designer for, creating a space that is personalised to you. Just be sure to set a budget for yourself before you begin any extensive renovation plans within your home.

Desk décor

While we’re big advocates of a clean and tidy workspace, it’s still important to add small, decorative touches to ensure your home office feels unique to you.

For many who enjoy nature, having plants around can help bring a small slice of the outside world indoors. Others might want photos of family or friends on desktops, or a print from your favourite artist hung proudly on your wall – anything that can serve as a happy reminder to bring positivity to your working day!

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