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How to Plan for a Long Trip Abroad as a College Student

27 Sep 2021

After you’ve received the long-desired email confirming your admission to a college abroad, you need to start planning your trip. Being away from family and friends in a country you know little about is challenging, so you need to be well-prepared.
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Figure out Your Budget

Living and studying abroad is expensive, and you’ll probably spend much more than you expected. There is no way to plan all the expenses, but you need to have at least some general understanding of your budget. Consider the following things:

  • Accommodation. If you plan to rent a room or a small apartment, make sure you find a suitable option in advance and know exactly how much the owner will expect you to pay in advance.
  • Food. Check the local blogs and websites selling food in your selected location. Ask someone living in the country for more information about where to buy quality food and how to save some money.
  • Travel expenses. Go online to learn about the costs of travel cards and taxis.
  • Books. Colleges often require students to purchase expensive books. Check for their prices once you obtain a list of required readings.
  • Cell phone plan. You will likely need a local SIM card with a suitable data plan. In some countries, cell phone plans are expensive, so check for more information.

Book an Airplane Ticket

Take care of the travel arrangements. Select a convenient flight and think ahead about how you will get to the airport. We recommend booking a ticket in advance because it will help you save a lot of money. In addition, you can organize an airport transfer to your destination. Although it is expensive, it is always better to travel safely until you learn more about the country and available travel options. You can also ask a friend or relative to meet you at the airport and show you the way.

Get Your Health Insurance

Make sure you have health coverage when you are abroad. Even if you are strong and healthy and visit a doctor once in five years, it is always better to take no chances. You never know when you’ll break a leg, get a nasty infection, or come down with a severe cold. There are many affordable offers for students to choose from.

Get Necessary Prescriptions and Vaccines

If you regularly take prescribed medications, make sure you have enough for the whole trip. You may face challenges trying to obtain them abroad. Talk to your health provider and make sure you are vaccinated according to the recommended vaccination plan.

Collect All Documents

Traveling abroad is always associated with paperwork. You need to fill different forms, provide IDs, and deal with documents you have never seen in your life. Before you go to the airport, gather all your documents in a separate folder or bag. Ensure you have your passport, insurance, credit card, and any other documents required by the receiving country. Contact your college to learn whether it will require some additional documents from international students.

Learn a Few Words in a Local Language

No one expects you to master a new language perfectly, but why not try to learn some basics? Learn the most widely used words and phrases you will need in your daily life. These may include asking for direction, buying a ticket, shopping, accommodation, etc. Don’t hope that everyone will know English, even if you are going to Europe where most people know it at a basic level.

Write Down Important Numbers and Addresses

You probably think that you’ll be able to get all information from your smartphone. But what if it’s stolen? You need to write down your family and college telephone numbers and have your address in case your battery dies, or you become a victim of petty theft.

Explore the City Using Google Maps and Local Blogs

If you are one of those control freaks who need to know everything, you can also learn more about the city. Check where you will live and how long it will take you to get to the campus. Explore entertainment options, shops, and local markets. In this way, you will feel more confident and save time once you are abroad.

Planning a trip abroad is stressful and overwhelming. However, if you follow these recommendations, you will feel more confident, save money, and avoid common mistakes. The main thing to remember is to accept all challenges and experiences with an open mind and trust those around. There will always be people you can rely on while you are abroad.

How to plan for long trip abroad as college student

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