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Factors that impacts the life of a jewellery

15 October 2021

A lot of jewellery items and ornaments are passed down from generation to generation. Thus, most of us have jewellery collection in which some ornaments haven been handed down to us by our mothers or grandmothers.

Taking care of our jewellery is important to make them last, especially the ones that are being handed down. Today, we live in a world that is striving to practice slow fashion in order to protect the environment. Therefore, to fight hyper consumption and fast fashion we must take greater care of the clothes and jewellery we already possess to make them last long. There are certain factors which determine the life of a jewellery.

Factors that impacts the life of a jewellery guide

Listed below are some of them:

Materials used

In general, most ornaments contain some type of metal and when it comes to metal, tarnishing is one thing to look out for. Tarnishing occurs due to a chemical change on the surface of the metal causing discoloration due to contact with pollutants. Tarnishing is non-permanent and can be removed with polishing. Different metals tarnish at different rates. For example, silver and brass tarnish at a much higher rate than 14 carat gold, whereas platinum and 24 carat gold do not tarnish. Therefore silver jewellery tend to tarnish more often than gold or platinum.


The life of your jewellery also depends on how you store them. Storing them in a jewellery box with multiple compartments will keep them safe and avoid breakage, entangling and scratches. Gems should be kept away from direct sunlight which tends to cause a colour change in them.

Always try to store your jewellery according to the base metals. For example, gold or silver plated jewellery should be stored separately in dry conditions. Jewellery made of diamonds such as diamond tennis bracelets and diamond rings should be placed in separate compartments to avoid scratches. Hatton Garden Jewellers provide valuable suggestions when you purchase from them.

Exposure conditions

Certain pollutants cause jewellery items to corrode at a faster rate. You should never go swimming with your jewellery on, since chlorine from the pool water tends to tarnish the ornaments and weakens the structure of gold leading to breakage.

Also chemicals from perfumes and hair sprays can damage jewellery so always wear your jewellery last while getting dressed. Avoid wearing jewellery while doing household chores and gardening, since chemicals used for cleaning have abrasives and acids which can corrode your ornaments.


Taking care of jewellery will make them last longer. You should wear your jewellery carefully in the appropriate places and not during a visit to the beach where the saline water and sand will damage it. You must carefully store it so as to add years to the life of your jewellery. You may use a coat of clear nail polish to avoid tarnishing of your ornaments.


Keeping you jewellery clean is essential to make it last. Gold or silver plated jewellery should be wiped with a clean dry cloth. Gold, pearls, platinum and diamond jewellery such as engagement rings London, should be cleaned using warm water and non-toxic washing liquid. Once in a while you can also get your jewellery polished professionally.

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