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Spring is around the corner: how to make your garden spring-ready

25 Apr 2021

It is thát time of the year again. With that, we do not refer to Christmas but one of the most enjoyable periods (according to many) of the year: spring. With flowers blossoming and comfortable temperatures, this is a perfect time to enjoy the garden to the fullest. After winter and cold temperatures, it does require us to do some gardening and cleaning up before we can start all the enjoyment. In this article, we will dive into tips and tricks to make your garden ready for the spring.

Cleaning up your patio

The patio is often the most important part of the garden. Why? This is the place where you come to sit down and relax, have breakfast, read a book, and welcome friends that come over. When you want to make the patio spring-proof, it is important to start getting rid of weeds.

This is a logical first step to take, followed by the use of a high-pressure cleaner. This will make your patio look brand new. If you have a wooden table, you can also use the high-pressure cleaner to remove moss from the table. Now you can enjoy your breakfast and lunch again to the fullest! Want to go for an easier approach? You can also use vinegar to clean the garden furniture.

Enhancing your garden through flowering plants

Spring is the time of blossoming of flowers and plants. Having a combination of flowers and flowering plants in your garden can create the perfect ambiance. For example, you can consider the addition of hydrangeas to your garden. These flowering plants are versatile and come in many colours. Most of the hydrangeas have their origin in East Asia, where they complement the cherry blossoms in the Japanese gardens. The love for the hydrangeas goes long back into East Asian culture and resulted in the presence of the plant in many Chinese and Japanese gardens. The plants are good in both sun and shadow and prefer to have a mix of both, making it an ideal garden partner.

Getting your lighting ready

Check the connections of your garden lighting. Sometimes batteries may run out or cables do not function properly. Having this check makes sure you can replace them before the spring period starts. You can also consider adding timers so that the lights automatically turn on according to your needs.

Portable lights

Besides the use of fixed lighting, you can also consider the use of portable lights. With smart lights entering the arena, it is possible to charge smaller lights and place them across the garden according to the needs of your use case. Having friends over? You can add lights to the patio, as well as through the garden. As they often come as smart lights, you can even connect them with the music allowing them to change the colors based on the music.

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