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Houseplants And Air Purification In Your Home Guide

21 Apr 2021

In 1989 NASA released the findings of their initial study into plants and their ability to reduce or eliminate air pollution. The study looked at over thirty different types of plants and whether they were capable of removing specific chemical pollutants from the environment.

Houseplants and air purification in your home

The Truth About Houseplants And Air Purification In Your Home

In fact, the experiment showed that plants were capable of removing as much as 95% of the pollutants in the air. Of course, the research was conducted in sealed space station conditions, more recent research in homes and offices suggests a slightly lower rate of effectiveness

But, all research confirms that plants do purify the air, it’s just the level at which they assist that varies. Of course, additional research continues to investigate which plants are more effective at removing pollutants. You’ll find the parlour plant is a very good choice for your home as it is tolerant of low light, low temperatures, and is one of the best at removing pollutants from the air.

It is worth noting that more recent research suggests that plants don’t purify the air. However, while the NASA experiment was conducted in a carefully controlled environment, it still showed that plants could remove a variety of harmful chemicals from the air.

Therefore, even if their ability is much lower than the initial experiment suggested, it is still reasonable to believe that they aid the purification of the air in your home. Plants can also offer a variety of other benefits:


If you, or someone you love, has ever been angry and frustrated then people have probably suggested you get some fresh air to cool off. It is not just about stepping into the fresh air that makes a difference. The plants and other signs of nature calm your mind, allowing you to focus on something else and see the issue for what it really is. In most cases, the issue won’t be as bad as you first think, and allowing yourself to cool off will help prevent you from saying the wrong thing or making a bad decision.

Bringing plants into your home has the same effect. It calms the mind and helps you to de-stress, reducing the problem to what it really is.

Increased Oxygen Levels

Humans need oxygen to survive. We breathe it in and release carbon dioxide. In contrast, plants do the opposite, releasing oxygen. This increases the supply of oxygen in the air and can help to ensure you have enough to survive.

Of course, air is everywhere and it may seem difficult to believe that we would run out of oxygen. But, plants are an important part of this cycle in the world and can help to maintain a healthy atmosphere in your home, especially during the colder winter months when there is a lack of fresh air inside.


Plants look pretty. It is that simple. Looking at something pretty can help you to appreciate the beauty of the world around you, making t more difficult to feel depressed. While a house full of plants is not going to cure depression, it can help you to feel more positive about life and look for the silver lining.

The research into whether plants purify the air may still be ongoing but there is little doubt they have a positive effect on the home environment.

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