HDB renovation: crucial factors to consider

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HDB renovation – Crucial factors that you must consider

26 September 2019

Change is the only constant! Sometimes, everyone’s heart desires something new. The old patterns need to get renewed into sometime unique. The same applies to your home. Every homeowner wants their house to look the best at all points of time. For this, it is essential to say yes to home renovation at a given point of time.

Are you planning to renovate your existing home? If yes, then it’s time for you to focus on the way you wish to re-design your home. Some of the essential factors to consider for your HDB renovation are:

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HDB renovation – Crucial factors that you must consider for success

  1. Know what you want

Are you sure of the home decor trend you wish to opt-in for? Do you have an affinity for vintage decor? Or do you feel more connected to a nautical or Scandinavian home decor? It is essential to understand your choice. It will outline your home decor requirements as well.

  1. Review the decor elements you can keep

When you are planning for a home renovation, there might be a few decor aspects or spaces that you wish to stay undisturbed. This area could complement your next home decor pattern. For instance, if your study got decorated in a minimalistic decor, with metal wall decor and grey walls, it would complement a Scandinavian home decor trends. Also, it will add to your savings as well. So, check your house and find such spaces that you can keep intact.

  1. Consider the door decor

Most homeowners often overlook their door decor. It is mostly to do with the front door. Your house gets a massive appearance shift when you work on the front door decor. You can change the colour and experiment with rustic elements on it during the renovation process.

  1. Make your kitchen more futuristic

Every room of the house should be decorated based on the design trend you’ve chosen! But you can always add an element of futuristic design to your kitchen. You can opt-in for granite countertops, folded tables, wall tables, and other kitchen equipment that make the maximum utilization of the space. You can also experiment with kitchen lighting. Some of the popular lighting patterns to choose are:

  • Grid kitchen lighting
  • The outside-in kitchen space lighting
  • Novel kitchen lights
  • The classic show-stopper lighting
  • Lighting options made from recycled material

There are several other lighting arrangements that you can choose for your kitchen, depending on the kitchen space and your budget.

  1. Keep your home clutter-free

Clean space itself is a home decor pattern! When you have a stretch of space, that doesn’t always beg for elaborate decoration. The first objective is to keep your entire house clutter-free. Most people think a cramped look reflects a bohemian style. But that is far from the truth. Get rid of clutter wherever you can. Use elements like classy artwork, a centre table, and a herb garden to fill in space.

Homeowners need to get thoughtful when they are deciding on their future home design and decor. It is essential to work closely with an expert interior decorator and constructor to achieve the look they want. Also, the design patterns should comply with the local renovation and building codes.

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