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30 Oct 2008


Glasgow Parks

A motion by Bailie Dr Nina Baker, supported by Councillor Philip Braat, to provide short term public green space on vacant development sites in Glasgow was passed at today’s (30 October) Glasgow City Council meeting.

People’s Palace on Glasgow Green:
Glasgow Parks People's Palace glasshouse

Glasgow Parks

The global financial situation has put a small number of developments in Glasgow on hold, and Bailie Baker’s motion proposed that the Council works with site and property owners, to lay grass on vacant ground to provide short term public green space on the sites until development conditions improve.

Bailie Baker said: “Although there is a substantial amount of new development activity underway in the city, it is recognised that the current financial downturn will put a number of planned projects on temporary hold. This is regrettable, but entirely understandable given current market conditions. Some developments will be delayed, undeveloped sites will be fenced off and buildings awaiting redevelopment lie empty until market conditions improve. In the meantime, it is important that Glasgow presents a good environment to residents, visitors and potential investors.

“The Council’s City Plan 2 encourages the use of vacant and derelict land as temporary greenspace. I am delighted that the Council has resolved to work with site and property owners to temporarily landscape vacant sites to create simple and well-maintained grassed areas that will be open to the public, and also to use empty buildings’ windows for displays of Glasgow’s commercial, innovation, art and design capabilities.”

Councillor Philip Braat, one of Bailie Baker’s co-councillors in the Anderston / City multi-member ward, supported the motion at the Council meeting. This was agreed to be a practical workable solution and a number of potential sites in the city have been identified.
Councillor Philip Braat said: “While Glasgow is well-placed to resist the worst of the global credit situation, it must be recognised that nowhere will be immune to its effects.

This motion will help improve our city environment and will also encourage empty buildings to make suitable window space available to our universities and colleges to display student work and research projects. We should be clear that these green spaces will be short term in nature, and will be redeveloped as market conditions improve.”

Glasgow Building Designs

Contemporary Glasgow Property Designs – recent Strathclyde architectural selection below:

Glasgow Landscape Architecture

Glasgow Buildings

Burrell Collection
Burrell Museum

Riverside Museum
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Riverside Museum Glasgow

Glasgow Houses
Lawlor House Glasgow
picture from architect

House for an Art Lover – set in Bellahouston Park
House for an Art Lover
photo © Adrian Welch

The Burrell Museum – set in Pollok Park
Burrell Museum
photo © Adrian Welch

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