Gifford Church, East Lothian

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Gifford Church, Yester Building Photo, Old Scottish Kirk, Historic East Lothian architecture

Historic Scottish Kirk : Gifford Church

Yester Parish Church, East Lothian Religious Building, south eastern Scotland

Gifford Church
Gifford Church building photo © Adrian Welch

Gifford Kirk

Yester Parish Church is located at the east end of the High Street.

The church is quite small but with its simple tower, spire and white harling it is worth a visit.

The church was completed in 1710. It contains the bell from the old Yester Estate church which had been built in 1492.

Other interesting Gifford buildings include the Village Hall, Tweeddale Arms Hotel, Yester Castle and the Goblin Ha’ Hotel.

Adjacent building:

The Rink – a Modern Gifford house – features on our Modern Houses page

There is an interesting long thin grass space in Gifford running parallel to the lime tree avenue up to the Yester House main entry (for photos follow ‘Gifford buildings’ link at base of this page).

On the other side of the avenue is a lovely park enclosed by the river and mature trees.

Gifford Buildings

St Vincent Street Church
St Vincent Street Church
photo © Adrian Welch

Tron Kirk Glasgow
Tron Kirk Glasgow
photo © Adrian Welch

St Benedict’s Church Glasgow
St Benedict's Glasgow
photo © Adrian Welch

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