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Looking Up in Edinburgh, Lothian, east of Scotland: Scottish Publication – book by Jane Peyton

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Looking Up in Edinburgh

by Jane Peyton

Looking Up in Edinburgh

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Edinburgh Travel Guide Book

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Paperback 168 pp (2004)

Publisher: Wiley-Academy

ISBN: 0470091479

Category(ies): Travel & Holiday

Book Review:

‘It is a quirky pocket-sized book that brings together a travel guide with a treasure hunt. It uses maps, original photographs, cryptic clues and fascinating historical facts to reveal an alternative history of Edinburgh through the architectural features that are situated above eye-level. It is a side of the city we would not necessarily see, as when we walk along, we always look straight ahead, or down at the ground.’

Published in June 2004:

Looking Up in Edinburgh

Looking Up in Edinburgh is a photographic guide to what is usually an ignored aspect of the urban landscape: the surprising, witty and often hidden architectural features above eye-level.

It is an interactive book, which combines a treasure hunt with a travel guide. The introduction gives a light-hearted potted history of Edinburgh. Following this, the book presents a host of architectural gems each covered by an original full-colour photograph, brief quirky anecdotes about its story, cryptic clues to its location, and historical information about the building in the photograph or the immediate area.

All buildings are presented on easy to follow maps, making this book ideal as a walking guide or treasure hunt.

This is the first book to introduce readers to a fascinating dimension of Edinburgh’s townscape that they might otherwise never have seen.

A compendium of stunning photographs and fascinating facts relating to one of the world’s most beautiful cities (which welcomes over 4 million visitors each year!)

Combines a tour guide with a treasure hunt.

Will appeal to Edinburgh’s residents and visitors alike.

The publication follows hot on the heels of Looking up in London.

Glasgow School of Art
Glasgow School of Art
photo © Adrian Welch

Glasgow Transport Museum
Museum of Transport Glasgow
photograph : Alan McAteer

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Shettleston Housing Association Offices
Shettleston Housing Association Offices
photo © Andrew Lee

Glasgow Airport Building
Glasgow Airport
picture from architect

Glasgow Caledonian
Glasgow Caledonian
photo : Keith Hunter

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