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Essential Project Management Tools for Architecture Engineers

19 Apr 2021

In case you are working in the construction industry and desire to improve your project management process to supervise your engineering team, this article is right for you!

Delivering productivity is significant for engineering teams in the construction industry because the last demands a high accuracy level, uncompromising legal compliance, and deadline adherence. Here, the secret to success is implementing efficient architecture project management tools for architecture engineering teams to design innovative solutions in time.

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Essential Project Management Tools for Architecture Engineers – Construction Budgets

In the last decades, similar to other industries, architectural engineering has undergone significant modifications due to numerous innovations. From BIM to IoT, advanced technology made it possible to handle tasks incomparably quicker and more efficiently. Now, architecture engineers can develop craft complicated designs in a matter of hours. In other words, the architecture innovations have made challenging or even impossible solutions become a reality.

Apart from the grandiose modifications, the innovative project management tools for architecture engineers deliver brand new ways to perform their work. Using such tools, your small business or startup can save budget on construction projects, improve workflows, economize time for doing routine tasks, and, in general, bring higher-level solutions to customers.

In this article, we have prepared a set of tools that will optimize the project management process for architecture engineers. So, go on reading!

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Easy Report Preparation with ArchiSnapper

ArchiSnapper is considered a super effective tool in case architecture engineers should prepare complex field or safety reports as well as punch lists. ArchiSnapper was created with the target to support architecture engineers in getting rid of the old-school approaches regarding monitoring and preserving on-site info.

Using this solution, architecture engineers can markup blueprints, make sketches and photographs right in the application, markup blueprints, and effortlessly prepare reports and deliver them within teams. All the data is uploaded and classified automatically in the cloud. In such a way, engineers inside the team can get access to all the data from various devices and places.

Control Projects via Priority Matrix

Architecture engineers that successfully use the solution comment that Priority Matrix is an extremely user-friendly and easy platform for handling resources as well as evaluating progress on various projects. Priority Matrix possesses a dedicated solution for architecture engineers that are engaged in the construction sector. The tool economizes architectural engineering teams 3-4 hours of work daily. It gives visibility on solutions, planning, and the purpose of every step in the project.

Priority Matrix has several project management functions to keep track of subtasks, approvals, due dates, project templates, and dependencies.

Additionally, Priority Matrix provides clients with 5 efficient project management templates. What is that all about? Architecture engineering specialists can design basic reports depending on the info in the tool for both internal use and sharing read-only versions with customers. Quite a useful thing, agree?

Designing All-in-one Solutions via Deltek Ajera

What is exciting about this tool is that Deltek Ajera is designed specifically for architecture engineers. This tool provides engineering specialists with the best project management practices as it is a reliable cloud project-based ERP.

When it comes to features, Deltek Ajera involves Business Intelligence and project planning. The solution is designed for supervising the full project lifecycle, to the extent of accounting and invoicing.

Moreover, Deltek Ajera delivers project management functions like planning and real-time task monitoring. Architecture engineering specialists can prepare digital reports and share them with the help of specific alerts in the application. The tool is accessible in the cloud as well as on-premise. Deltek Ajera possesses extra modules that can supplement it, for example, CRM functionality.

Productive Management with Hubstaff

Hubstaff is considered productivity management as well as a time monitoring tool with a great solution for architecture engineering specialists. When using Hubstaff, architecture engineers can follow with a current project and receive the entire summary of all the relevant tasks. Architecture engineers can also monitor their working hours directly from their smartphones, being on a construction site or in the office. Their working hours momentarily come into the project timesheets. Invoicing and payroll is performed right from the tool.

Architecture engineering specialists get the opportunity to evaluate and sum up things based on extremely detailed reports delivered by the tool. Users can coordinate workflows, design checklists, and preserve tasks and timing in sync.

By the way, as far as a project is finished, architecture engineering professionals can use the info about the time and scope of work for better assessing future projects.

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